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Prince of Petworth Reader Seeks Fistfight Advice

Local gentrifier blog Popville (née Prince of Petworth) has really expanded its offerings lately. Previously, it was just a place for marriage proposals, and narcing on your neighbors and potential Chinese terrorists. But now Prince Dan Silverman is offering a new service: an open forum on how to properly handle a "near fist-fight".

"I was legitimately scared that I would be beat up for the first time in my life," writes the Prince's anonymous correspondent.

Trouble started when the writer went to get drinks at a restaurant, but a man holding a child wouldn't let him squeeze past at the entrance to the bar. When another person did push through, the guy with the kid had to be held back to keep from attacking him.

The writer and his friend eventually left the bar, after complaining to the management that they hadn't booted the "lunatic."

But it doesn't end there! The Prince's subject has since been seeking restaurant justice:

I called the restaurant twice now to express my concern with how they handled this. The manager just tells me that it was a “misunderstanding,” and that they followed their policy of “separating” parties when fights break out and that it was fine. But it really wasn’t.

Since no one was actually punched, the restaurant seems to be in the right here, even though a Prince of Petworth reader was harassed.

Bar fight photo by Shutterstock

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  • anon

    "Idiotic PoP Post of the Day" would make a fine feature on this here site.

    Especially now that he's resorted to quietly banning commenters for remarking on just how asinine his blog and the people who comment there have become.

  • Ronald

    I hate that shit, but they do the same thing on this site.

  • dcresident

    Yep. Any comment that is even mildly questioning of a PoP post and not in a visceral kind of way gets "moderated" out. It's sad since there used to be more free wheeling comments making it a more diverse read before PoP sold out and went commercial.

  • anonanon

    And lookie here, the cool gentrifying kids at City Paper continuing their hate on PoP. Don't like it, don't read it. Did Ben Freed ghostwrite this for Mr. Sommer?