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Bike Karaoke Could Be Coming to D.C.

District Karaoke, one of Washington's most competitive karaoke leagues, could soon be going mobile. The group, which just finished its fall city-wide finals, has started raising money on Kickstarter to create a bike-borne karaoke machine.

"I can only imagine," says District Karaoke founder Jesse Rauch. "We go down to the National Mall and go to that stage they have there—pop-up karaoke."

A few days into its campaign, the group has raised $145 of the $6,320 it needs. Rauch says about half of the $6,320 goal would be used to buy the sound and karaoke system, while the rest would pay for a European cargo bike to carry it all.

Rauch says mobile karaoke is about bringing diverse groups of people together, and he has a list of places he imagines impromptu karaoke parties breaking out: the National Arboretum, the Tweed Ride, in front of the White House. But even if his group can fund the bike, he realizes there will be other obstacles. "Of course, I recognize the National Park Service doesn't always like those types of things," he says.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to liven up a bike trip with "Werewolves of London," you're out of luck. Rauch says karaoke will not be allowed while the bike's moving, only when it's stationary.

Photo courtesy District Karaoke.

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  • Rock Master Scott

    So now, instead of just be able to avoid the bars where these people congregate, we'll be forced to listen to amateur renditions of pop music whenever and wherever they decide to annoy people.

  • Adrienne

    @Rock Master Scott where is your sense of fun and enjoyment? District Karaoke is sooooooo not like your typical karaoke...way better and people actually have some skills...well most of them.

  • Abigail Collazo

    Rock Master Scott (is your name supposed to be ironic?): Obviously, you've never been to a District Karaoke performance to see the amazing talent of those who participate.

  • IMGoph

    karaoke in the arboretum? where you go to escape the noises of the city? ugh.

    karaoke on the mall? if past is prologue, the park police will beat these people to death with their nightsticks.

  • Ward One Resident

    Guess I will now have to start saying karaokers with the same snide malice in which I utter kickballers...ugh.

  • Jesse B

    I am proud to share that District Karaoke is quite unlike other "sports" least in the ways I think you're trying to infer.

    The District Karaoke community is diverse - with members ranging from 21 to 60 years old, from every color and creed. If there's any medium that could bring together such a crowd, I'd imagine you'd agree, it would be music.

    We pride ourselves on being a part of this community - folks who like to get together socially and sing a few songs.

    Perhaps you'd like to stop by one night and see how we operate? I think you'll be quite amazed - and just how down to earth everyone is, how welcoming we are.

    Again, before you pass judgement on those who sing with District Karaoke, attend one of our events. We're a group of people who just like to sing, and meet others who also enjoy to sing.

    Jesse B Rauch, Commissioner
    District Karaoke