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After Connecticut Shooting, Gun Control Rally Planned for White House

Following today's shooting in Newtown, Conn., gun control activists are wasting no time pushing for tougher firearm laws. To start, a coalition of gun control groups is planning a rally in front of the White House at 4:30 p.m.

Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, pushed back against the idea that the event is a vigil. Instead, according to Everitt, it's about pressuring Barack Obama to take action on the issue.

"If you can't speak out about the need for tough gun laws after a classroom of kindergartners are massacred, then you ain't got it in ya," Everitt says.

White House photo by Shutterstock.

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  • Paul

    What, exactly, are they going to protest against? We don't know what kind of guns the shooter used.

  • Jeffrey

    Very sad day for the U.S. - We need to remember the 2nd amendment and that guns dont kill people, people do. If the guns were stolen or illegally obtained, address that
    issue. no blanket ban on firearms.

  • Rebecca

    US Today (the story is linked at the beginning of this post) is reporting "At least three weapons were recovered at the scene, including a .223-caliber assault rifle and two semi-automatic handguns."

  • Matt

    Other reports indicate the assault rifle was recovered from his vehicle and not used in the shooting.

  • Jeff

    It is worth pointing out that when the 2nd amendment was written guns could not fire multiple shots without significant reloading time. The fact is people are using guns to carry out incredible crimes. While the mental health of a human aggressor is a component of the problem, so is the availability and firepower of the weapon(s) involved. It is reasonable to limit access to firearms to allow for self defense in one's home. There is no reason that anyone should have the right to carry out a massacre.

  • tntdc

    Funny, we're not hearing any N.R.A ! N.R.A. ! chants.

    Now would be the time.

  • Steve

    I encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue, but can't make it to this protest, to sign my petition on the White House website:

  • Jo

    How about a rally for better mental health care?

  • Kate Brenner

    I'm just an average person, a single mother, with an extraordinary emotional reaction to what happened. PLEASE look at this petition to ban assault weapons! It is a starting point!!!

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Ban Assault Weapons

    This is not a petition to strip Constitutional rights. This is a
    compromise. Assault weapons are designed to maximize lethal effects through a
    rapid rate of fire. Many come equipped with large ammunition magazines
    allowing 50 or more bullets to be fired without reloading. They serve no
    purpose in sport or hunting, and have no place being in civilian hands. From
    Columbine to the Aurora movie theater massacre to the recent Connecticut
    slaying and so many tragedies in between, it is a small sacrifice to
    surrender these combat grade weapons. It is not a political play, it is not a
    slippery slope--it is a sensible start to address the senseless mass murders
    that we hear far too often in the news.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Morons, there are NO SUCH THINGS AS ASSAULT WEAPONS. You just reveal your complete ignorance about guns when you use that term.

    @Jeff: While you're at it, your statement is illogical. According to you, since the Internet wasn't around when the 1st Amendment was written, that means any communication on it isn't subject to freedom of speech?

  • frank

    Sad day today....but back to the gun control issue, can anyone tell me what a gun ban of any kind will do to stop all these incidents? How will it affect us, the citizen that follows the rules and laws? Please use common sense ....

  • Warthog

    May I remind you that a gun ban is useless in the face of the fact that Elementary Schools are Federal GUN FREE ZONES.

    Stop trying to write new laws that won't work and enforce the ones we already have that don't work.

  • Jim

    Oh so you think banning guns will stop this? Well take a look at the news, in china there was a mass stabbing at a school where 22 people got stabbed I believe all students. So only guns can kill mass amounts of people? How did this guy harm all these people with just a knife then?

  • Citizen

    We should also ban bath salts and meth. Golly, we did "ban" those. It hasn't worked. Aren't guns banned from schools? Hmm I guess that didn't work either.

    God bless those poor defenseless kids and faculty forced to be in a gun free zone. Maybe this is the instance we use to reform our gun laws. Lets allow people to defend themselves any where they want to,

    If we arm the teachers, this would not happen again.

  • Eric

    According to NBC earlier in the day, this morning in China a man entered a school and stabbed 33 children &/or staff. He did this without a gun.

    Banning guns will not stop a deranged person from committing any horrendous act if they are committed to it, any more than making meth illegal has stopped meth addicts from getting it.

    What we need to address is how we are going to protect our children and others from deranged individuals.

    If we can send "aid" (large sums of $$) to other countries (Pakistan and Syria for example) then why don't we use those $$ instead to create a security system that would stop this from happening... metal detectors, surveillance systems, doors that can't be opened from the outside without someone in the building "buzzing them in", security guards, training and arming teachers/administrators, etc.? Look at what Israel has done to protect is schools and children for a good example.

  • Fred

    All these mass shootings in the news lately are just sickening. A theater, a mall, a school - all of them gun-free "safe" zones. Gun control advocates have a lot of blood on their hands. What made them think that it was a good idea to disarm law-abiding people to make them easy victims for those that don't obey laws? I hope they don't sleep at night knowing how easy they made it for these lunatics to commit mass murder.

  • Phil

    i'm begging ALL of you, as a father and a gun owner. PLEASE think about this rationally. This COWARD didn't follow the law that said "don't kill", he didn't follow the law that said "no guns on school property", what makes you think he would have followed ANY other law? i'm originally from the NY/CT area, they require a permit to even PURCHASE a handgun, so how are you going to add more gun control and think you're helping anything. PLEASE PLEASE don't react to buzzword politics, and the FURTHER erosion of our liberties. Just look in your heart, look at your children, and pray for the families of the fallen.

  • Eric

    As a person who has a mental illness this really upsets me. Most mental illness is caused by a physical problem in the brain, such as receptors n
    ot "talking" to each other correctly.

    I get tired of hearing that someone who does evil is mentally ill. They may have a mental illness, but that in and of itself is not the reason the do evil. Most mentally ill people would not and could not do the types of things that are perpetrated by those who are truly evil, and to group me into that same category is wrong and bigoted.

    This is no different than, if the person perpetrating evil had diabetes and saying that everyone who had diabetes would go out and do evil. This is the same argument that the anti-gun crowd is using... the evil doer used a gun to commit this atrocity, therefore anyone who is in favor of guns will at sometime commit the same type of act.

    Another thread I have seen is that since this was another 20-something male with a mental illness, maybe they were taking medications that contributed to them perpetrating this horrendous act.

    I take medication to help me deal with my illness, and therefore I do know that in some instances medication is a necessity and can make life livable. Before I was diagnosed and started medication (I was 23 at the time), I had many problems that I could not overcome or control. The medications I take allow me to function more "normally" in that I can control my emotions, reactions to daily events, don't have extreme highs or lows, and can make and realize realistic goals. I think that in too many cases, people are on medications that are not needed or are on medications for the wrong reasons, but there are situations where medication (along with hard work) is the answer. No one would ever advocate for taking away insulin from a diabetic.

    Please remember that people who have a mental illness and take medication for it are individuals just as people without a mental illness are individuals. We are not evil, we don't all ask for special favors, expect someone to take care of us, etc., we want to be treated as individuals who are no different than anyone else with a chronic illness.

    Most of us work hard to be "normal" productive citizens, and want to be judged on our actions rather than on our illness.

  • Steve

    While we are at it, we should ban cocaine and heroin too. That stuff is dangerous and kills people all over the nation. Oh wait...

    This is a tragic event but criminals do not follow laws or gun bans. Banning "assault weapons" will not stop sick people from doing sick things. Just like cocaine and heroin being illegal to obtain and possess, it is still able to be done by criminals.

    We do need to find a solution to these problems but banning any type of gun just won't stop them.

  • Mr Robert Allen Bradley

    Israelis armed their teachers to protect kids. Why did we disarm ours?

  • Doktor Esperanto

    Katie Brenner, you have a very thick skull. If the Clinton-era Assault Weapons Ban was so effective, why did we STILL have mass shootings like the bank robbery that occurred in 1997 in North Hollywood, where illegally-modified full auto AK-47, AR-15, and .223 HK assault rifles were all used ?

    The answer is clear: Get rid of these fantasy, people-killing gun-free zones and allow law-abiding, responsible citizens to expand the reaches in which they are able to practice their God-given right to carry a firearm.

  • Mr Robert Allen Bradley

    Kate Brenner, the second amendment isn't about sport or hunting, it's about protecting us from a tyrannical government. The best way to enslave a population is to disarm them. Don't believe me? Open a history book. Don't think it can happen here? You better wake up. How about more law abiding citizens carry guns as a deterrent to criminals?

  • Christian Trent perry

    Taking away combat weapons
    Will solve nothing. If it not one thing it's another
    If people are gonna kill there gonna kill. Whether
    It's with an ar or a sharp stick. There is suck a
    Wide varriety of way and things that can kill a
    Human. If a pork bone kills someone are we gonna
    Stop eating bacon? No. The truth is if the murders
    Were commited with a knife or a rock we
    Would be going for control on thoes to. We need to dig deeper to the
    Root of our problem. In my opinion there are two main causes
    One : mental health issues. With the" to be honest" screwed
    Up health care coming up this is the greater of the two problems we face.
    Two : respect and discipline as a child.
    When it gets down to it this is the more wide spread issue.
    No one knows how to attack this problem and every one wants to
    Come in with extreme anger. But as the old saying goes cooler
    Heads prevail. I'm only in highs school. If I'm 18 and can see these why can you guys
    And every one else including there collage educated politicians. It almost
    Makes me think they don't want them solved, almost as if they thrive of of it.
    They make millions of dollars off of this stuff. We need people. Who anrt corrupted.
    I'm sure soon after I post this it will be removed plz repost and spread the
    Truth about your so call "true people" and " honest hardworking men"
    Lets fix this problem at the source. It all starts here.
    -Christian T. Perry-

  • Shadowman

    This is totally sickness that these people are using the deaths of young children to promote their Socialist Political Agenda. Can't even wait for the dead to be buried.

    I will not support any Socialist Political Agenda that uses the deaths of young kids for there own gain.

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  • Dieter

    Kate, You admit your an average person and by no means seriously acquainted with understanding firearms any better than molecular biology. Instead of mourning and prayers for the dead you jump on the ban wagon. You seem politically motivated to me. And assault weapons are already controlled by the government but you're happy to throw that label around which further incriminates your ignorance.

    The 2nd amendment was created to protect us from a rouge government, not guarantee our right to hunt or target shoot. Remember Nazi Germany or did you skip history?

    Freedom isn't free here in America or over in Afghanistan... Silly emotional responses to tragic circumstances serves no valuable purpose. After our guns are gone, you'll join the rest of us in the gas chambers and only criminals and a criminal government will have firearms of any kind.

  • War_Wolf

    Kate Brenner, sorry but you do not know what the heck you're talking about. The most rounds ANY weapon can fire is from a 30 round magazine. Additionally, assault rifles are semi-automatic and DO NOT have the ability for rapid-fire. Lastly, there is no report as to whether he actually used the rifle.

    The only part you got right is that you are having "an extraordinary emotional reaction".

    Cool heads conquer all. Get a hold of yourself and calm down before you start throwing out inaccurate and fruitless petitions.

  • marv

    guns are as good as the people that hold them... becauss this guy people want to change gun laws... just like Americans to blame others or create answers. if you want to change gun laws then try to have them accept teachers themselves being able to possess firearms while on school property... now that sounds silly don't it... this guy is not mentally challenged or any other excuse, he is completely sane with the fact that most humans will target the weak... don't blame the gun just fix the problem... don't give the man a trial or any rights, he is UN American.. its okay to waste money on fighting foreign wars but let our bad guys live and have rights... if it was my kid he wouldn't have a chance at making it to trial

  • Mr Sane

    Hey, why waste a good tragedy???

  • War_Wolf

    Correction to my last post: I was referring to magazines for ANY "assault rifle" to be exact.

  • marv

    WAR WOLF..
    its very easy to obtain a drum clip for most assault rifles that hold 100 rounds and they can easily be found or modified to fire at a full rate without interruption... you know not what you speak and are most likely the fool hearted that wants more regulations on our born rights ...

  • marv

    thought if add one more war wolf go look up a bump, stock... makes more rapid fire on, any gun

  • Eric

    Cause box cutters or a chinese man with a knife could have done this. Our culture is perverse. Thought the 2nd was just about being able to arm a militia. Spirit of the law always trumps meaningless words meant for the the audience of the era. Shame on all gun owners. Shame Shame Shame. Go to hell

  • Greg

    Wow the blood dancers of CSGV move quickly Don't want that blood to dry to much before you start dancing in it do you. I;ll bet the last grieving parents had not even found out their child had been murdered by some sick bast#@* before CSGV had a press release out on you political agenda.

    So as evil rears it's ugly head let's leave the innocent defenseless so that evil can triumph again and again. The only sane thing to do is strike evil down when ever it threatens the innocent.

  • trever lund

    If you outlaw guns...... only outlaws will have guns.
    .... think about it

  • Mimi v

    How can anyone compare self-inflicted harm, such as drug abuse and suicide for that matter, with the aggressive massacre of innocents. Many of these atrocious incidents are perpetrated by persons with an unresolved emotional rage, and as a public, should we not demand restrictions that limit easy, unchecked access to weapons that can inflict great harm in a short period of time. Also, someone referred to the first amendment and the protection of free speech in the realm of the Internet. That protection involves evolved thinking in response to modern times. The 2nd amendment deserves that same treatment. Stop treating guns as a "god-given right" and let's work collectively as a strong, responsible country. Dispel the myth of indivual rights holding the supreme position over the good of the entirety of our neighborhoods, towns, states, and country!

  • Ellen

    Does it really matter what kind of guns? when 20 children and 6 adults were killed? Less easy access to guns = less gun crime.

  • marv

    outlawing guns will just increase there worth... so more money for the banks and more Taxes for the regular people... the real point is, that its not the guns or the gun regulations, its that in this country we allow hardened criminals to get away with numerous accounts of violence and do nothing about it... these were little kids, so helpless and he did what no one should do... the children are the ones who will be making these decisions one day and as a country we can't afford to have them not be prepared for it... make an example out if this guy.. quit letting people like him think they can do what they do, get you're hands dirty and put an end to this

  • Dan

    It's pretty sad when all these children die and you still support the right to own these types of guns be it hand guns or assault rifles and make them so easy to get access too.Give your head a shake! All that lead and gunpowder is clogging up your closed mind. Or you work for an arms company?

  • #!&%?

    Wow. The NRA trolls jumped on this and quickly.

  • Pro gun anti mainstream

    I can bet that 80% of you anti gun fools have let your children play games like "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" and other shooter games and not even think of it. Just as im sure these shooters play and start playing from a young age. STOP LETTING VIOLENT VIDEOGAMES BE YOUR BABYSITTER. I watched a video of a 11 year old autistic kids mother complain about microsoft taking away his gamerpoints and calling him a cheater. While the autistic kid is sitting there playing games, where he kills others with guns, nice mixture, social distorted mental disorder, give him the outlet of shooting games. She should be in more trouble than if she had given him beer.
    Guns have always been legal. Yet mass shootings havent always happened. The difference, parenting. People dont do it anymore. They just put them in front of xbox. My friend had a ten year old boy tell him he was going to "knife him" (its in the modern warfare game) and i have also heard ten year olds tell people they are going to find them in real life and kill them, because they are losing in the game. Remember this is a game rated MA that you must be 18 to buy. And in this game the goal is to get as many kills as you can with assault military weapons.
    These sick poorley raised kids probably kill themselfs after they realize killing someone in real life is nothing like the game they have played their entire childhood and young adulthood, along with their abnormal mental status. Why is there not childneglect / contributing to minor laws for all these parents buying these types of games for their undeveloped kids.

  • Typical DC BS

    @#!&%?: No faster than the usual wanna-be communists and fascists of society (the usual suspects like Feinstein and that idiot NY Mayor Bloomberg) who immediately want to impose the "Chicago solution" to our problems: Ban guns, it will make things "safer" like in Chicago.