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Rep. Jim Moran’s Son’s Girlfriend Blames Broken High Heel for Injuries

Count at least one more person in for Rep. Jim Moran's claim that the incident that landed his son Patrick Moran in jail earlier this month was an accident: Patrick Moran's girlfriend. In an email statement released his girlfriend and forwarded by Moran's office this afternoon, she blamed her injuries from her head hitting a trashcan not on her boyfriend, but on a broken high heel.

"Pat and I were arguing, one of my high heels gave out, and I fell into the side of a trashcan," Moran's office quotes her saying. "On impact, I fractured my nose."

She calls the police report that says a police officer saw Moran slam her head into a trashcan outside Columbia Heights bar The Getaway "inaccurate." Moran was arrested after the incident on felony domestic assault charges, before pleading guilty today to assault and receiving probation.

(Washington City Paper is not identifying Moran's girlfriend, following a policy of not naming victims involved in domestic violence cases, because we have not independently confirmed her account with her.)

Update: Moran's girlfriend's update was forwarded, not released by, Moran's office.

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  • Tom M

    Pled guilty to an assault that they are both saying wasn't an assault. Injustice, i suppose, can even happen to the kin of the powerful.....

  • Jane

    Either this is just the most unfortunate misunderstanding ever or she was paid off handsomely by Moran & Co.

  • Typical DC BS

    Piece of crap doesn't fall far from his equally douchey father. Both need their asses kicked on a daily basis. Arlington voters who are so dumb and craven to keep re-electing this donkey need their heads examined as well.

  • Jim Treacher

    Guess there was no nearby door she could claim she walked into.

  • Hired Mind

    @Tom M: Assuming Moran wants a political career some day. Why in the world would he plead guilty to this? The police must have one hell of a case or he would fight it tooth and nail.

    @Jane: Or, like so many abused women, she's afraid of him. Seems much more likely.

  • tired warrior

    My wife gets mad when I don't open her door. Where did he find this girl? On the docks?
    The IRS may want to look into her finances. I predict this girl has a very green christmas.

  • Drez

    My money is on a payoff.

  • question

    I'd suppose him propelling her toward the can was what made her heel give out, though.

  • FindtheDough

    Follow the girlfriend's financial status for the next couple of years and you may be able to determine whether some significant coin changed hands. If that occurs, I am sure Moran or his wealthy supporters and the girlfriend will be filing 1099s.

  • Bill H

    The whole Moran family has anger problems. Like father like son. Must be George Bush’s fault. This is your congressman in action you voted for him so live with it.

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  • Tom

    I dont know any more. the cops these days are just looking for another notch in their belt to get promotions. its a crocked system we have right now.