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#VoteDCTaxi: None of the Above

Mayor Vince Gray unveiled four of the nine proposed taxi color schemes yesterday, and the reaction has been tepid at best. Councilmember Mary Cheh, whose bill mandating a uniform taxi color scheme is the whole reason we're having this debate, sounded like a scientist discovering her misshapen experiments, telling the Post that she thought that some of the designs were "horrid."

Still, as soon as the other 10 designs go up at the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission today, it'll be time to vote. Do you like the two that look like the Brazilian flag or the two that look like a soda can? Voting will be held at the Verizon Center, Union Station, and the Washington Auto Show (DCist has the full schedule).

Curiously, though, you can also vote using the #voteDCTaxi hashtag. Just how one votes via hashtag isn't totally clear, but the hashtag has had one happy side effect: revealing that a lot of people would rather just abstain.

Below, 13 people who don't like any of the four designs proposed so far:

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  • Caroline

    I really think the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission has bigger issues they should be focusing on. How about making sure their vehicles are safe to ride in? How about making sure the drivers follow the rules of the road? How about making sure their drivers don't outwardly express their racist and homophobic opinions? How about making sure a woman can take a cab, alone, without fear of being sexually assaulted by the cab driver? The color scheme is not going to change the fact that DC cabs are dangerous and are often driven by sociopaths who are not fit to interact with the general public in a service capacity.

  • Jim Ed

    You think you're annoyed at the taxi color schemes now? Just waint until two months from now when Suderman discovers the process was subcontracted 34 times and cost 5.8 million dollars, and the concepts were actually designed by kids at the Columbia Heights Boys & Girls club.

  • Kevin

    Come on, Caroline, dealing with those important issues and the color scheme are not mutually exclusive. There is no reason this can't be done right.

    I completely agree with those who think ALL of these options are terrible. The cabs should be one bright color! This is not rocket science.

  • name

    Before anyone loses their minds over the coloring scheme, the reason why we have a completely unique coloring scheme is to cut down on gypsy cabs.

    That said, it doesn't benefit the consumer one bit as A) the legal cabs already have shitty drivers and are in horrible condition B) it's not even on the consumer's top 5 list of demands (see clean, curteous, A/C, CC readers, not distracted by cell phone).

  • X

    Word, Caroline. Great points all around.

  • Riaz

    After discussing with lot of cab drivers at Union station heres what I concluded.
    All of these 4 colors cabs schemes are not popular & will make this beautiful city look some what ugly. No Yellow as every other city and county has yellow. How about One Single color,Black Or White Or any one graceful color.Thanks