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Taxi Commission Chair Not Surprised by Color Uproar

Judging by their tweets, many Washingtonians don't like the proposed D.C. cab color scheme. They're not alone. The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission announced five more design proposals this morning, and some members of the D.C. Council now want to override the selection process, the Post reports. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sounds the most disappointed of all, saying that he didn't want "a kaleidoscope cab."

Taxi commission chairman Ron Linton tells City Desk that he isn't surprised that the designs have drawn so much criticism, since colors are easy to debate. Linton says he's accepted that the Council can decide to skip the selection process. "I'll be delighted if the color goes to somebody else, while I get the things that need to be done done," Linton says.

When I asked Linton which of the nine designs was his favorite, he went into a story about how his late wife always chose his ties. The moral of the story: Ron Linton isn't about to start choosing his favorite colors.

But that doesn't mean he likes every design. "Yeah, there are some in there that don't move me," Linton says.

Photo courtesy the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission.

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  • Tom

    Who designed these? I could do a better job in MS Paint.

  • tom2

    The mistake isn't with the gallery of colors, it is that there have been no objectives from which to choose the colors. For example, if you want the cabs to be easily noticeable then you would choose a yellow, chartreuse or red or a white or black car with those accents.

    I think the best option out of the bunch is the Black car. However, the DC cab and Capitol [sic] cab logos are awful as well.

  • D

    I agree there are more pressing concerns for the city and the taxi commission, but who would allow these designs to go public? They are comically bad and the fact that Mr. Linton green lighted their production and public display reveals a certain level of incompetence - again.

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