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RGIII Will Turn The Country Against D.C.

Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has energized the team's fan base, increased the team's playoff chances, and even made friends with Bryce Harper. But will Griffin and his BA in political science lead us to ruin?

So posits the Weekly Standard's Geoffrey Norman, who imagines the RGIII-led Pigskins facing off against quarterback Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl. While RGIII has delighted Sally Quinn, Norman writes, his success will outrage the rest of the country:

And if the Colts were to play the [Pigskins], darlings of a united Washington, with a quarterback who actually "... was a political science major [and] knows about politics." Which team would the ordinary fan pull for?

Easy call. Could there be a more flyover city than Indy? So it will be the Imperial City against ... the rest of us.

Curiously, Norman's just-folks avatar Luck got his degree in architecture from Stanford, which doesn't exactly seem hardscrabble either. If Norman's appeal not as it appears, is it racial? Norman has no problem assuming that the "ordinary fan" would root for Luck, the white quarterback.

Just about the only thing Norman makes sense on is our new nickname, which we should thank him for. "Imperial City" definitely sounds better than than the Capitol.

RGIII photo by Shutterstock

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  • Doris

    Geoffrey Norman sounds like a private school or home school educated ignoramus . no offense .

  • Phil Perspective

    I don't know, but considering the publication that Mr. Norman works for I'd agree that he's an ignoramus. And a racist clown.

  • Lumesi

    You see . The problem is that you are quoting from Weekly Standard. That is the print fashion of Fox (Faux) News.

    They are not bothered in the least over there by knowledge , science or facts . They just make up with crap as they go along.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Um, since when did we cease to be "Chocolate City"?