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New Pictures Prove Metro Bus Driver Was Reading

After Unsuck D.C. Metro published footage yesterday of a Metro driver reading a newspaper while operating a bus, there was speculation, here and elsewhere, that the driver might just have been holding the paper instead of reading it. But now the person who shot the video has emailed me to prove those excuses wrong.

"I'm a little irritated to see some commentary suggesting that the driver is just 'holding' the newspaper rather than reading it," writes the passenger, who asked not to be named. "As if there's some sensible explanation for that."

Fair enough! The citizen cameraman sent along two photos proving that the newspaper was held open to different pages, demonstrating that the Metro employee was reading and driving. One picture shows the back page, while another shows what looks like a sudoku puzzle. Incidentally, the pictures also answer another question about the print media-loving driver: the irresistible, tabloid-format paper in the video is Express.

While Metro spokesman Dan Stessel has said the incident is under investigation, the passenger who witnessed the driver reading and driving isn't happy with Metro's response. In his email, he complains that the transit agency hasn't asked him for the video or photos of the driver.

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  • Ann

    The photo on the left looks like he is reading while on a break at RI Metro station waiting for time to roll out. His hands are on the newspaper. If he was driving, his hands or at least one of them would be on the wheel.The photo on the right does not show hands on the steering wheel either.Looks like another break at another location. The red instrument lights indicate the bus is stopped and possibly the motor is turned off. Looks like another Metro stop to unload and load passengers to me. I see no evidence of driving while reading.