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Car Crashes Into Adams Morgan McDonald’s

An SUV with Maryland plates crashed into the entrance to the McDonald's at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW in Adams Morgan this afternoon. And by "crashed into," we mean "looks like it tried to drive into."

MPD tweets that two people suffered minor injuries in the crash. Police and the fire department have blocked off the intersection.

Photo by Will Sommer

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  • Alicia

    No drive-thru?? I'll show them!!!

  • Penny Wu

    I thought it was a drive-thru! Don't McDonalds all have drive-thrus?

  • http://HuffingtonPost Diane

    @Alicia, that is too funny!!!

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  • Tex

    The "Hotel" probably caused this.

  • seeseehpounder

    Shocker they had MD plates. They stink at driving. Their driver licences should not be valid outside their crappy state. Traffic problems in the area can be directly tied to how many MDers are on the road. These butt holes don't use blinkers, tailgate, squeeze in at exits so they don't have to wait in line, cut people off, smell, look ugly, and listen to terrible music. If they want to ruin their small little state that's one thing, but don't bring your BS to the rest of us. Personally, I only cross the MD border when my trash is full and I dump on their side. Although I know I am just one person trying to right the wrongs that MD has perpetrated against humanity, but I feel it is my duty to do my part.

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  • Danindc

    Wow a car crashes into McDonald's- noteworthy.

    Wondering why the group of kids being attacked on the metro that's all over YouTube isn't covered anywhere in the local media? Mystifying.

  • Typical DC BS

    Well, since it's "bash drivers from MD" day, let's make sure DC's twerps get equal time. Love to get stuck behind the morons with DC tags yacking on the phone in the far left lane of the Beltway while driving 55. Hit them with the horn for this idiocy? Doesn't even phase them. They never use their mirrors when shifting lanes or to bother checking that the 30 cars lined up behind them are trying to use the passing lane the way it was intended. Wish they'd stay in DC and use public transportion, like God meant them to.