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Report: Washington Post Likely to Start Paywall Next Year

One of the first questions of the post-Marcus Brauchli era at the Washington Post may be about to be resolved. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, in an article that is, itself, behind a paywall, that the Post is "likely" to put its content behind a paywall as soon as next year.

The paywall would be similar to the New York Times', with readers given some number of free articles before being prompted to pay for more. The Journal also reports that the Post's print price will increase.

A paywall could increase revenue at the Post, which has been bleeding money and reducing employee benefits lately. On the other hand, it could reduce the traffic it gets from being one of the last American papers without a paywall. Before his exit, Brauchli pointed to that advantage at a journalism conference, saying that the Post was "quite content being the largest free premium newspaper online.”

Maybe not so content anymore, though.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Glad the Post finally is realizing that as creators of content, the are dumb to be giving it away. The Chicago Tribune started their partial paywall this year. Would be interesting to see how their experience is going.