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Uber Now Legal, Officially

Rejoice, Uber underground! Now you no longer have to skulk out of sight of the law, scurrying from luxury app-dispatched sedan to luxury app-dispatched sedan to get around the District, because the D.C. Council voted unanimously today to make Uber legal.

While no one was actually operating an Uber sedan surreptitiously despite a January sting by the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission, the Public Vehicle-for-Hire Innovation Amendment Act passed today cements Uber's operation by adding language for electronically dispatched cars.

The lack of controversy today—the bill was even written by Mary Cheh, an old Uber target—shows just how far relations between the council and the controversial company have come since Uber unleashed a PR blitz this summer.

Sedan picture via Shutterstock

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  • ILoveUber!

    Anyone who has taken Uber knows how amazing it can to get where you actually want to go. Thank god its not being taken away.

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