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How to Survive Falling on the Metro Tracks

Getting hit by Metro trains is usually only for people who deliberately put themselves in front of them. But after a 58-year-old man was pushed onto the tracks by a panhandler and killed in New York City yesterday, there's a question everyone needs to consider: Can you survive falling in front of an oncoming train in D.C.?

If a deranged man pushes you onto the Metro tracks, there is at least one way to survive, according to Metro. If there's isn't enough time to climb back onto the platform, there's a crawl space on the side of the tracks under the platform lights that you can use to dodge the train.

Metro spokesperson Cathy Asato says that one woman who fell onto the tracks during the 2009 inauguration managed to use the crawl space to avoid a train.

Of course, it's better not to end up on the tracks at all. "It's not a big space by any means," Asato says.

Photo by leehobbins used under a Creative Commons license.

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  • Mike

    And once you're down there, get up against the wall and as far away from the wheels as possible. The third-rail shoes stick out from the wheels some distance, not only can they hit you, but they're also live with the 600 volt traction power. Here's a photo:

  • Mario

    All anyone wants to know is if Cowboy Fred will be on at 2 pm or 3 pm on Saturdays? Also, Andrea Bray's show seems much more suited for the afternoon than the morning.

  • Ria

    @Mike, isn't the third rail at the far track? If so, one should be able avoid the rail shoes in the crawl space under the platform. But laying flat against the wall on one's side is probably still the best bet.