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The Needle: Bikeshare Shortage

New Stations Delayed: Is Capital Bikeshare a victim of its own success? Demand from other cities, along with technical and financial difficulties for the company that makes the stations, means that the city is having trouble meeting its goal of 54 new stations. -2

Weather Worries: At a record-breaking 71 degrees, the weather has gone from pleasantly abnormal to downright spooky. -4

Frontline Meets Rhee: PBS' Frontline is airing a behind-the-scenes documentary next month about Michelle Rhee's leadership at DCPS. +2

Pigskins Looking Up: Could tonight's Monday Night Football game, featuring the Pigskins and the New York Giants, represent a new era for Washington's troubled footballers? +1

Friday's Needle rating: 39 Today's score: -3 Monday's Needle rating: 36


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  • RT

    Only Will would have a 70 degree day be a minus 4. And a Redskins huge win on MNF be only a plus one. You really have your finger on the pulse of this city......

  • Will Sommer

    Hey, the Needle is 100 percent accurate, 100 percent of the time. Also worth noting that the Pigskins hadn't won yet when I wrote this post.