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Totebags for Everybody! NPR Plans Warehouse Sale

Big news, public radio fans: Now's your chance to get National Public Radio schwag on the cheap. NPR is planning to offload merchandise at fire-sale prices at its D.C. headquarters for next month.

"It's insane how much stuff we have," says Renee Kelly, an NPR spokeswoman. The NPR schwag, which includes everything on the network's NPR Shop and more, will be discounted up to 70 percent off.

While the network is moving from its headquarters from 635 Massachusetts Ave. NW headquarters to NoMa soon, Kelly says the network has been planning to do a sale for years.

If the chance of scoring a Car Talk mug for cheap has you excited, though, you'll lose your mind over what else they'll have at the sale. NPR personalities Carl Kassell, Scott Simon, Susan Stamberg, and Guy Raz will greet customers, and All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen is organizing a concert, according to Kelly.

The warehouse sale is open on Dec. 14 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and from Dec. 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Photo by Jule Banville.

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  • Anonymous

    Schwag! Is that the same as swag? WOW! Call Crystal Palmer, she'll not have to drop anything she is doing and will dash right over. She will be trippin', swag in DC!!! Usually she has to take a DC taxpayer paid first class trip to the Left Coast. NPR "personalities"??? Is that the same as a "movie star"? Aw shucks, don't matter, movie stars don't mess with Crystal, well not the Palmer kind.

  • David Gaines

    Out of curiosity, was all that "schwag" that's going on sale for up to 70% off purchased with tax dollars?

  • Talc

    NPR's federal budget is infinitesimal (you didn't know?) so probably not.

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