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WUSA Kills Lindsay Lohan Story Due to Lohan Overexposure

Sick of Lindsay Lohan, even after her comeback in Lifetime's Liz and Dick? So is WUSA 9 News Director Fred D'Ambrosi. When D'Ambrosi saw that his station planned to run a story about Lohan during its 5 p.m. broadcast, he tweeted that he was considering banning it and all future stories about the troubled starlet.

After tweets in favor of cutting the story poured in, D'Ambrosi decided it should go, while deciding against a lifetime Lohan story ban. "I tweeted it out, you know, and everybody was starting to go crazy," he says.

Incidentally, D'Ambrosi couldn't remember exactly what development in the Lohan saga the chopped segment was about. "That's the thing," he says. "Can you tell the difference between one Lohan story and another?"

Linday Lohan picture by Shutterstock.

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  • Betsy

    i so appreciate you not taking your valuable time to braodcast anything about Lohan....she gets way too much air time and for show what bad, rich idiots act like. Your presentation of The Baptist Church Food Panty in need was much more of an impact...I'm writing my check for them now and Reverand Johnson said they are sure a refirgerator is being donated. That was a heart felt, do good segment on your news.
    Betsy Anderson

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  • David Gaines

    Oh. I thought all those "news" reports about Lohan were repeats. You mean she continues to stay in trouble? And people consider it "news"?

    Thank you Fred D'Ambrosi for not airing another rerun.