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The Needle: Sidewalk Suspicion

Wall Worries: A wall fell on the sidewalk barrier around the new Cleveland Park Giant, raising the question: Are people going to get crushed walking by a construction site? -6

Metaphor Breaks: Groupon has backed off of the "dam breaking" copy it used to sell tickets to Wizards games. -3

Fairfax Gets Nosy: Fairfax County is considering forcing its employees who smoke to take classes to help them quit. -2

Costco Opens: As of today, the D.C. Costco is open. Lets all get huge amounts of things. +3

Wednesday's Needle rating: 30 Today's score: -8 Thursday's Needle rating: 22

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  • Rock Master Scott

    I'd consider mandatory smoking cessation classes a positive. Smoking leads to higher health care costs, and as county employees that health care is funded by tax payers. So this makes Fairfax a cleaner, healthier place and it reduces government spending.