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Fighting Anti-Muslim Ads Cost Metro $35K in Attorney Fees

Thanks to Metro, "Anti-jihad" blogger Pamela Geller—or her attorney—is now a little bit richer. The transit agency's ill-fated attempt to delay running ads from Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative group that equated Muslims with savages will cost the agency $35,000 in attorney's fees for AFDI, according to a new email obtained by the Legal Times.

In the email (below), dated Oct. 17, an unnamed associate general counsel for Metro writes to an unnamed recipient, presumably someone with AFDI, that the agency would pay $35,000 in fees and costs. Earlier that month, a federal judge had ruled that Metro had to run the ads, despite Metro's concerns that it would inflame tensions in the Middle East.

Does this pricey legal defeat have Metro changing any policies on future ad delays? Via email, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel wrote that decisions about legal action over ads are still up to Metro's general counsel and General Manager Richard Sarles. Geller didn't respond to a request for comment.

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  • Pamela Geller

    Hey Will,

    I never received a request for comment.
    Here's my email

    I am not hard to find. Next time, try.

    Yours in liberty,
    Pamela Geller

  • Will Sommer

    Hey Pamela,

    Thanks for the comment. I sent an email to the Atlas Shrugs account you've responded to from previously, but didn't hear back. I'll send you an email for your new address.

  • Infidel Task Force

    "that equated Muslims with savages " you always put a spin on your articles that gear towards the incorrect? No where on the ads does it compare muslims to savages. YOU insinuate that. YOU! Terrorists, Jihadists...are as hated by muslims as any decent person in the civilized world.
    I can tell by the article, you scarfed all that info from left-leaning jihad sympathetic sites.
    Do everyone a favor, the next time you do a commentary such as this.....interview ALL parties.
    After all...isn't that what they taught you in "journalism school"?

  • Maria Sanchez

    So the New York Post and the New York Daily are anti-Muslim for printing a Hamas group savagely dragging a man they claimed was a spy, who wasn't btw, behind a motorcycle? They used the term Savages. Does that mean that both newspapers are attacking all Muslims? No, only terrorists.

    You should go back and read her ad. The ad clearly means Jihadist terrorists. Now if you, Mr. Sommer, think all Muslims are Jihadist terrorists that is your narrow perception and it would be wrong.

  • Jon

    No to mention that the latest Gazan bombardments of Israel have shown that Hamas and their affiliates - Islamic Jihad - do act like savages (.e.g aiming rockets at civilian centers and launching them crowded civilian areas instead from a military zone).

  • Robert Rockwell


  • Lyone Fein

    Previous poster have already said what I was going to say, but I will say it anyway.

    I can't believe what a lousy reader Mr. Sommer is! How did he manage to graduate from college? He has committed two logical fallacies: 1.) drawing a conclusion from the part to the whole. In general we call this stereotyping, and it is responsible for a variety of misconstrued beliefs about various groups of people. We generally call this bigotry, and Mr. Sommer seems to have this real baaad. He reads the word "jihad" and thinks "Muslim", as if all Muslims are jihadis. They are not, and I would like to assure him that not all of us have this problem.

    And this brings me to his send logical fallacy: 2.) assuming that everyone thinks the same way that he does. Well, how can I put this any more clearly? NO. Some of us do know the meaning of the words that we see on a page--or a poster--and believe that the person who put them there understood them to have a specific meaning, as well. Some of us are careful and thoughtful readers and speakers/writers. Not everyone who reads these posters would jump to the outrageous conclusion that you did.

  • George Abrahams

    I noticed that you refer to Pamela Geller as an "Anti-Jihad" blogger. What is the difference between being "Anti-Jihad" and being Anti-Jihad?

  • Marbran

    Glad to see that Ms. Geller got the first response.

    I also think it is funny that Mr. Sommer sheepishly chose to play the ignorance card regarding Ms. Geller's email address in post #2. Those of us who pay attention to the issue of jihad all know how to contact her, even if through her associates. One would expect a journalist to know even more ways.

    Lastly, could you folks at the City Paper please change the headline from 'Anti-Muslim' to 'Anti-Jihad' or will you continue the ruse? We are not fooled.

  • Will Sommer

    Hi Marbran,

    Like I said before, I used the email address that she's responded to in the past--as recently as a few months ago.

  • George Abrahams

    So how about getting rid the the Anti-Mulim in the headline and removing the quotes around Anti-jihad?

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