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Amateur Cat Declawer Pleads Guilty

Eric Gaskin

The Washington Humane Society has given Eric Felipe Gaskin a nickname as gruesome as his crimes: the "mauler-declawer." Gaskin, arrested in the fall for his attempted home declawing of two cats in May, pleaded guilty today to the crimes today. Now he's facing up to a year in jail on two charges of animal cruelty.

Gaskin, a 39-year-old Greenlawn resident, was arrested in September for declawing two of his daughter's kittens by physically pulling out their claws. During the "procedure," he crushed all of the kittens' legs, according to the Humane Society. Both cats were eventually euthanized.

In other animal cruelty news, Sean Delontay Branch, who pleaded guilty in September to dropping a block of cement on a sleeping dog in Trinidad, was sentenced today to 120 days in jail and three years of parole. Branch killed the dog to get revenge on its owner over a dispute, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Photo courtesy Washington Humane Society.

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  • Mr T in DC

    Sick sick sick man. I wish animal abuse was more seriously treated by our judicial system, with real jail time given. Then again, an nice, extra-judicial finger-amputation w/o anesthesia seems appropriate for this guy. :(

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  • Dino

    I wonder what Gaskin is going to tell other inmates what he's in for?

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  • Greg

    I guess his pit bulls were busy that day; otherwise I'm sure he would've just had the cats eaten.

  • IMGoph

    where's Greenlawn?