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Photo: Heart

Nov.  22nd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

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  • kob


  • kob

    Heart is a metaphor; what you're showing is clinical, tasteless and designed to offend. But the boundaries of 'what is art' were crossed long ago, so I doubt few will be offended. If you're looking to stir new the debate anew, you'll need to go for originality or better yet, silence.

  • RachaelB

    Woah!!! It's really disgusting but amazing to see. Just wondering if who owns that heart.

  • Paul in VA

    It's just a heart.

  • drez

    How is that gross or designed to offend? I think it's beautiful, in it's own way.

  • AG

    Whose heart is that? A turkey's?

  • Typical DC BS

    Would have been nice to know what animal that came from.