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D.C. Film Office Coup! Congressman Uses Capitol Hill as Stand-In for Illinois

People say D.C. is a hard place to shoot films, but that didn't stop Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock (R) from using a Capitol Hill neighborhood as a stand-in for storefronts in his district. But, as the Hill is Home notes, Schock never says he's not actually in Illinois.

Standing outside the Heritage Foundation's Pennsylvania Ave. office, as the camera pans down what looks like Main Street USA,  Schock says, "Support our local economy, the tax revenue, and the employers that employ jobs here in central Illinois."

Emphasis, of course, on "here in central Illinois." But Steve Dutton, Schock's spokesman, says nothing is amiss. "Congressman Schock taped the video to encourage people to support Small Business Saturday," he writes. "By no means was there any attempt to misrepresent his location."


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  • IMGoph

    Poor Steve Dutton - as the spokesperson for a congressperson, he has to spend his entire daytime lying. Wonder if it ever eats at this shriveled conscience?

    Occam's Razor, son. Just say, "You're right, we shouldn't have said 'here in Central Illinois' because it clearly isn't Central Illinois in the video. Our bad."

    The truth will set you free. Spinning stuff will make you a cynical wreck of a human being.

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  • BrianG

    As a constituent of Schock's, I can state it is an improvement. At least he's not talking about Paul Ryan's body with Tampa's Ybor Spa in the background.

  • belinskaya

    I was going to say - does Peoria have anything as nice as this? (Bloomington-Normal does, but thankfully they aren't part of Schock's district.)