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Scandal-Frenzied Brits Declare Petworth a Suburb

Oi, guvna'! The news that David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell is laying low in Mount Pleasant has crossed the pond, with the United Kingdom's Daily Mail joining in the press frenzy around Broadwell.

But the Brits (or the Americans working for them) might want to take a look at a map the next time they cover D.C., because they made a few mistakes:

On Tuesday night, [Broadwell] was seen taking refuge at a house owned by her brother, Stephen Kranz, in the Petworth suburb of Washington D.C.

Of course, Mount Pleasant is not the same as Petworth, and Petworth is not a suburb. Still, cut our colonial overlords some slack. I'd be just as lost if some figure in a British scandal was hiding out at the intersection of Fish and Chips Way and Pippa Boulevard.

Big Ben photo by Shutterstock.

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    They use the term suburb differently? It means part of the city. FREDTERP

  • Kent

    Well, along with other close-in neighborhoods, Petworth was one of Washington's original suburbs 100 years ago ... maybe their timing is just a bit off.

  • Will Sommer

    I'm not so sure. This article, at least, suggests that they use the same definition that we do. If this really is a "rubbers/rubbers" different meaning thing, I'm happy to update, but I'm not sure that's the case.


    Wikipedia says they use the term like us but I was thinking of the Australian use. FREDTERP

  • IMGoph

    Will: I know you're just looking for page hits here, but you could add some heft to this story by adding some discussion about the fact that Petworth actually was a suburb of the city of Washington (a.k.a. the L'Enfant City) when it was first platted and built.

  • TM

    Maybe they're just being historical? 100 years ago, neighborhoods beyond the old borders of Washington city were considered suburbs.

  • Mike Madden


    No matter what Petworth's history is, they still have her staying in the wrong neighborhood.

  • IMGoph

    Mike: Absolutely, agreed on that, and never said otherwise. Clearly, they cocked this up pretty well.