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Capitol Hill Loves Capitol Hill, According to New Uber Data

Controversial sedan service/possible John Galt front group Uber has come out with new data about its fares in Washington, and one thing is obvious: Capitol Hill residents really like staying in Capitol Hill.

Uber tried to find out which neighborhoods in the cities it covers have the most trips between them, but the data revealed that a large amount of its trips are just around Capitol Hill. "These neighborhoods have some kind of activity gravity keeping people within them, and that’s fascinating to me," writes Uber blogger Bradley Voytek.

Uber's other tentpole neighborhoods cluster around downtown, with Logan Circle, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, and Columbia Heights as major hubs.

One of Uber's selling points has been that its drivers will take fares for neighborhoods east of the river that traditional cabbies refuse. Interestingly, though, the map shows that those trips account for just a small percentage of Uber's fares.

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  • AW

    Only fascinating if you don't live in DC. Of course the most popular origin & destination for Uber's client base is going to be the Hill, followed by Georgetown and downtown.

  • Bradley Voytek

    Thanks for the write-up on our data! Glad you find it interesting--I love this stuff.

    Although a relatively small proportion of our trips start or end in Deanwood or Anacostia (the neighborhoods east of the river on included in the map above), we're still talking about many, many people that are getting picked up or dropped off in those neighborhoods and others outside of the boundaries of those neighborhoods.

  • mark felt

    We are really a regional economy. Can you show this for the Region? That is the number of trips from DC to VA, DC to MD and vis versa.

  • Mrs. D

    I, for one, am a fan of Uber for its drivers' mentioned willingness to promptly serve underserved neighborhoods. I don't live EOTR, but in a WOTR neighborhood where cab drivers find it an "inconvenience" to pick us up. While my "area" in the map has only slightly more trips than EOTR locations, it's really been a big transportation improvement. If I can get a cab to pick me up from home at all, it's often an hour+ wait for one, yet the few times I've used Uber, there's always a car at my door in under 15 minutes. Totally worth the extra money.

  • Caroline

    It's true! Since moving to the Eastern Market area I very rarely venture outside of a 1.5-mile radius. Everything I need, including work, fitness, nightlife, day-to-day shopping, and museums, is within that radius. And it's not for lack of curiosity-- I've lived in other neighborhoods previously and explored them pretty thoroughly, but now I'm happy staying close to home. Although I prefer to walk everywhere, I have used Uber for late-night trips home from H Street.

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  • Hillman

    A couple of reasons for this.

    It's very hard to get a cab on the Hill outside of a few blocks around the Capitol.

    Doubly hard if you are black.

    So Uber is a logical alternative.

    And the Hill is a bit spread out. H St NE or Barracks Row can be a fifteen block walk. So the Uber minimum fare makes perfect sense if you don't mind paying for it.

    Particularly if it's you and a couple of friends going out somewhere.