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Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle Losing Out to Other Neighborhoods, Analyst Says

In the D.C. metro area scramble for offices, restaurants, and retail, some established neighborhoods are falling behind newly-gentrifying upstarts. According to the Washington Post, real estate scholar Christopher B. Leinberger thinks that Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan are poorly poised to take advantage of development, while H Street and NoMa show potential.

“Adams Morgan needs to broaden its place strategy, or it will continue to be lapped by U Street, Logan Circle and H Street," Leinberger tells the Post. As for Dupont, Leinberger points to its lack of planned streetcar access as a sign that it's being cut out of the city's future.

Leinberger classifies neighborhoods as "blue chip," "upside potential," or "lagging behind." The full list, after the jump.

Blue Chip

  • Logan Circle
  • NoMa
  • Downtown
  • Columbia Heights
  • Capitol Riverfront
  • Clarendon

Upside Potential

  • H Street
  • New Carrolton
  • Old Town Alexandria
  • Tysons Corner
  • Crystal City
  • White Flint

Lagging Behind

  • Wheaton
  • Annandale
  • Carlyle
  • Dupont Circle
  • Adams Morgan

Notably absent from any spot on the list (perhaps because they don't exist?): made-up neighborhoods SoMo and the GaP.

Photo by Flickr user Afagen used under a Creative Commons license.

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  • tntdc

    Adams Morgan is just bars, bars, bars. Yuck. U Street too.

    14th through Logan is hot. Columbia Heights is decidedly not.

    And when will there be a Capitol Riverfront?

  • SWMLuvah

    The West End/Foggy Bottom area is highly neglected by developers. It took us YEARS to get some decent restaurants that weren't in a hotel!

  • lori

    What is a "place strategy?"

  • Caroline

    No big surprises here.

  • AdmoMaven

    Mr. Leinberger, with all due respect, is way off about Adams Morgan. He obviously did see the $6.5 million 18th Street Streetscape infrastructure project that started in February 2011 and ended in July 2012. Nor has he read anything about the 220-room boutique hotel slated for construction beginning in early 2013 at the corner of Champlain and Euclid Streets. AND he is waaaay off on current commercial rents...vacant places in Adams Morgan are leasing for $50/75 a sq foot triple net.

  • ThomThom

    Adams Morgan has a thief with no vision beyond his own part of the take as a council member meanwhile Logan, NOMA, and Downtown have Jack. Jack has a brain and has long seen the importance of economic drivers and strategies to creat and drive them.

    I would say that Dupont is mellowing much like Georgetown has - the gay boys have moved on.

    8th Street NE is pretty happening.

  • Typical DC BS

    Um, did I miss something when Leinberger mentions lack of streetcar access as a sign of Dupont Circle's being cut out of the city's future? Does he not recognize the two big Metro entrances at either end of the Circle? Or the numerous bus routes that crisscross the Circle?

    What kind of real estate "scholar" is he? Obviously not a very good one. There are more restaurants and office space within 5 blocks around the circle than in most of the city.

  • kob

    I don't have a clue what is meant by "place strategy."

    Why is that the neighborhoods that are getting more bars and entertainment venues, and hence more noise and traffic, getting a higher ranking?

    Adams Morgan, my neighborhood, is often held up as the "we don't want to turn into another Adams Morgan" but yet that's exactly what's happening to U and H Streets.

    Adams Morgan is actually settling down. It's been getting some wonderful new restaurants, and there's a gradual shift away from bars focused on drinking.

  • AM Next


    You state: "vacant places in Adams Morgan are leasing for $50/75 a sq foot triple net."

    I challenge you to cite these new leases specifically.

    If you had any clue about business conditions on 18th Street you would know that a majority of 18th Street businesses are behind on their rent and struggling mightily to survive the hell that was the streetscape project. Even those who own their own buildings are hurting.

    What is most frightening about your statements is that I suspect you are in a position of authority with the BID and/or Mainstreet and you live in this fantasyland while you are supposed to be supporting the business community.

  • AdmoMaven

    I know businesses are still coming back from the Streetscape but to say that Adams Morgan is in decline is absurd!

    Look at all the investment that is happening in Adams Morgan! The infrastructure investment PLUS all the new condo buildings and apartment buildings being built still, a new 220-room hotel will break ground in early, 20+ new businesses opened in the last year...not in decline my friend, not in decline...

    Check out the price paid for the CVS building on Columbia Road in August 2012:

    $1,154.00 a square foot??? WOW!!!

    And 1815 Columbia Road is currently leasing for $75/sq foot triple net.

  • Xin Xin Hu

    Why in the world would Dupont Circle need "streetcar access"?!! It had them after WWII -- the empty streetcar tunnels under the Circle are often the subject of area development discussions. How would new streetcars be anything but redundant to the metro and buses -- and where would they go without further snarling the Circle's infamous traffic jams?