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Tepid Enthusiasm Downtown as First Round of Polls Closes

You can order Elephant and Donkey cocktails at Lincoln Restaurant down by McPherson Square on Vermont NW. The table is set for parties. There's a pretty girl in an Elmo costume (Mitt Romney, PBS, etc.). There's a guy with game-show-host hair patrolling the VIP lounge (not a whole lot in here once you dip through). There are two couples making out like it's Dec. 21, 2012. Obama has a slim lead on the unofficial bar board, but patrons seem mostly indifferent. This is where co-workers who send Outlook emails an hour before closing time with the subject line "Happy Hour Later?" gather. I just had a Lincoln Moonshine that comes in a Mason Jar—with a handle, weak—and is adorned with awkward amounts of fruit.

I took a straw poll among my office-job colleagues: two Romneys, three Obamas, my buddy MJ botched the paperwork and didn't make it out. Unfortunately, he lives in Virginia and is the group's only swing-state voter. Polls have closed and no unexpected news has broken—we're all realizing the notion of staying out much longer will mean exhausting commutes back home.

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  • Alan Popovsky

    We always try our very best to do the best for our customers.
    On a historical night such as this we are once again
    Committed to our resolve at continuing to improve and get better
    For our customers.

    Thank You,

    Alan G Popovsky