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Mayor Reduces Most Speed Camera Fines

Mayor Vince Gray announced good news for the lead-footed this morning: some of the controversial speed camera fines in the city are being reduced.

Driving less than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, which previously cost $75, will now cost $50. Speeding between 11 and 15 mph over the limit has been reduced by $25, from $125 to $100.

The new, reduced rates are still higher than the rates proposed in a D.C. Council bill earlier this month that would set the maximum fine at $50.

"A $100 ticket, a $125 ticket, really shouldn't feel so bad because you could've killed somebody if you'd hit them," Metropolitan Police Department chief Cathy Lanier said at the press conference.

Fines are being increased for the worst speeders—those driving 25 mph over the limit. The fine, once $250, has been increased to $300. The new rates should go into effect Monday.

Gray also announced that some of the revenue from the speed camera fines would be used to hire another 100 police officers. Lanier said that the 100 officers would be deployed in newly-developing areas like the Southwest Waterfront.

Speeding car photo by Shutterstock

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  • Typical DC BS

    Yup Chief Moron Lanier, there's lots of people walking eastbound on NY Avenue (where there's no sidewalks) just past Bladensburg Road, isn't there. Or along the shoulder of 295? Right.

    Nothing more than an updated version of the old Southern sheriff hiding behind a billboard on the road into town where the speed limit drops from 50 to 25.