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Georgetown Spooked by Brightest Young Things Prank

While the rest of us were hunkering down and eating junk food during Hurricane Sandy, a Brightest Young Things writer and his pals descended on Georgetown for some pumpkin-themed pranking. This is one of those quirky things that we see every so often in Washington that could be clever but verges on obnoxious.

In the case of Whimsy v. Property Rights, let's take a look at the evidence.

The Crime: A BYT writer described on the site as Jeff, along with some pals, steals a pumpkin from the front of Q Street NW home in Georgetown.

The Band: They then proceeded to carve "SLAYER," which definitely counts against them. I'm getting awfully tired of this demon metal renaissance. You want to really freak some squares, you carve JIMMY BUFFETT in their squash.

The Penance: The pranksters then made spicy roasted pumpkin seeds and returned them, along with the Slayer pumpkin, to the Georgetown house.

The Reaction: When Jeff came back to the house later, he discovered that the Georgetown residents had taken the pumpkin inside. "I guess they weren't too scared after all," he writes. Or they didn't want a Slayer pumpkin on their doorstep!

I think the verdict is that this prank was OK, mostly because roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious. Having your regular pumpkin magically transformed into them is a great deal.

Pumpkin photo by Shutterstock

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  • seeseehpounder

    That's not a prank it's an act of kindness. Just turn the slayer side around and enjoy a delicious treat.

  • Jeff

    Waiy, dude, you got it wrong. They left the pumpkin on their doorstep and took the roasted seeds inside. And why would I carve jimmy Buffett into a pumpkin? I don't even like buffett. I do like slayer though. And apparently slayer liked the article more than you did as they posted it on their Facebook and twitter.

    I dunno, man, I'm all for Being a hater on the Internet and I don't mind when I get called out for doing dumb shit, but you seem to be taking this gag or whatever too seriously. We were just having fun. But I'll try to find a more ironic band to meet the city papers tastes next time.

    Anyway thanks for reading.