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An Early Look at WPFW’s New Schedule

Update, Dec. 1: Remember how I said these changes were tentative? Looks like Caribbeana will remain on the air, but it'll be one hour shorter, running from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday. See the bottom of this post.
Original post: Last Friday, some WPFW staffers heard from the station's management about impending changes to the [...]

The Needle: Vroom Vroom

Need for Speed: Mayor Vince Gray is set to raise the speed limits on Benning Road and I-295. +3
Soccer Talks: The city and Pepco are discussing the possibility of building a soccer stadium in Buzzard Point. +2

Watergate Exxon Only Closed Temporarily

Update, 5:30 p.m.: Mamo writes back to say that Roland Joun, the station's last  operator and a longtime thorn in Mamo's side, has sold the business to a new operator. Joun still hasn't responded to a request for comment.

Reports of the demise of the Watergate Exxon—Washington's most expensive gas station—have been exaggerated, according to owner Joe Mamo.

The [...]

Totebags for Everybody! NPR Plans Warehouse Sale

Big news, public radio fans: Now's your chance to get National Public Radio schwag on the cheap. NPR is planning to offload merchandise at fire-sale prices at its D.C. headquarters for next month.
"It's insane how much stuff we have," says Renee Kelly, an NPR spokeswoman. The NPR schwag, which includes everything on the network's NPR [...]

Photo: Fort Lincoln

2400 Block of  Market St NE, November 30

Washington Post Staffers Print Pro-Brauchli Buttons

No Brauchli, no peace! So could go the rallying cry at the Washington Post, where recently ousted executive editor Marcus Brauchli is getting support in an unusual way: buttons.
I've seen a picture of one of the pro-Brauchli buttons, but I can't publish it here. (Note to Post staffers: If you're taking a photo of a [...]

District Line Daily: Barry Beats Mendo

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He's still got it! Marion Barry proved yesterday that you don't get to be mayor-for-life without [...]

The Needle: Sidewalk Suspicion

Wall Worries: A wall fell on the sidewalk barrier around the new Cleveland Park Giant, raising the question: Are people going to get crushed walking by a construction site? -6
Metaphor Breaks: Groupon has backed off of the "dam breaking" copy it used to sell tickets to Wizards games. -3

WUSA Kills Lindsay Lohan Story Due to Lohan Overexposure

Sick of Lindsay Lohan, even after her comeback in Lifetime's Liz and Dick? So is WUSA 9 News Director Fred D'Ambrosi. When D'Ambrosi saw that his station planned to run a story about Lohan during its 5 p.m. broadcast, he tweeted that he was considering banning it and all future stories about the troubled starlet.
After [...]

Washington’s Newest Interest Group: “Transportation Birthers”

The war on the "war on cars" continues! Hostilities began again this week after Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham said in a Washington Post article that increased visitor parking restrictions were meant to discourage driving, and really got going after newsletter author Gary Imhoff blamed the alleged decarification on hipsters.
Now David Alpert, founder of arch-smart [...]

This Week’s Page Three Photo

1600 Block of Rhode Island Ave. NE, November 27
Page three photos are also in this gallery.

Laid-Off LivingSocial Employees Will Know by Today, CEO Says

LivingSocial CEO Tim O'Shaughnessy announced wide-ranging layoffs in an email to the company's employees today, confirming reports that the daily deals giant was planning to cut its staff.
In his email, which is in full below, O'Shaughnessy describes the cuts as the result of a "top-to-bottom" review of the company to prepare its finances for 2013. [...]

Les Wizérables

After their win over the Portland Trailblazers last night, the 1-12 Washington Wizards are one game ahead of the Washington Capitals—but that's because the Capitals haven't played any games, thanks to the NHL lockout. With some tickets going for less than a dollar, the Wizards are now one of the cheapest entertainment options in town.
But [...]

Gentrification Run Amok: Apartment Ads Celebrate “Urban Pioneers”

Take a look at the redeveloped Union Market or the ever-expanding nightlife scene on H Street and you'll see: Washington businesses want that sweet gentrifier money. And who can blame them—apparently mostly rich, mostly white people have a lot of cash to spend.
But there has to be a better way to get paid than this [...]

Big Programming Changes Are Coming to WPFW

"I am very upset about the changes. I think we need to boycott."
"I for one will not give more money until I hear some answers...some real answers about the station."
"They're not the people's station."
Those were some of the on-air words of WPFW listeners this morning—never mind that the subject of today's Community Comment show was [...]