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Aspiring Snitch Seeks Help on Prince of Petworth

City Desk is no fan of the "stop snitching" phenomenon. If your neighbor is selling hard drugs or beating people up, snitch away! But this advice-seeker on Prince of Petworth is giving calling the cops a bad name:

There are a couple of cars that belong to new tenants on our block that have out of state license plates that take up resident street parking. I know VA has a reporting system for out of state plates, but not sure if DC does – do you know of any system for reporting these tax and parking permit evaders?

If they get D.C. plates, won't they still take up Resident Parking Permit spaces? The only difference is that this time the neighbors will be even less likely to move the cars, since they have a legal right to the spots. Come on, gentrifiers, play it cool.

Snitching photo by Shutterstock.

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  • drez

    yes, but they'll pay a registration fee and also be more likely to be counted by the census as residents and vote in local elections.
    Snitch away...

  • Mrs. D

    Just how new is "new?" The registration process in DC is not a piece of cake, and if there's a lien on the car they also have to wait for their lender to send the title to the DMV. With moving, doing the car registration (possibly waiting for title, getting DC insurance, getting a DC license, getting an inspection, getting DC plates...not a quick process!) can easily move to the bottom of the list. If it's been a few weeks, get over yourself. If it's been a few months, maybe you could, I dunno, say something like "hey, just letting you know the District has some pretty steep fines for not registering your car in DC. You might want to get on that before you get caught." If it's been a few years, report away to 311.

  • Name

    Oh, but how will we save our safety net without this revenue?

    Seriously though. The same people not registering their cars are the same people who piss and moan when they get caught by a speed camera. Turn them in.

    The easiest way is to call 4-1-1 and request parking enforcement on your street. After the initial ticket they'll have 90 days to come into compliance.

  • Begla

    Will, would you seriously call the cops on your neighbor if they were selling ecstasy or blow? That's lame.

  • hcc

    Turn 'em in. The rest of us are paying for our resident permits and tags and so should they.

  • Krispy Kremer

    they are violating the District's ROSA laws. No vehicle without DC tags can park overnight on city streets. Call 311 and nail these suckers.

  • Drez

    Agree. If only b/c having a car registered elsewhere means they're also likely dodging local taxes.

  • Quew

    Typical passive aggressive PoP reader. They'll never get past the "Dear PoP" stage.

  • 20011

    "Typical passive aggressive PoP reader. They'll never get past the "Dear PoP" stage."

    Pretty much. Makes me sick to admit I actually browse that heaping pile of shit. Your average PoP reader is early 20s and dumb as a brick.

  • CityRez

    Dan Silverman aka PoP loves allowing hipster racist comments on his blog and promoting fears of white newcomers. I am not a fan of this NY-NJ junior high online rag passing itself off as something else. Sorry, Danny.