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D.C. Sniper’s Ex-Wife Says People Blamed Her for the Killings

Now that Hurricane Sandy has everyone used to watching daytime TV, let's get pumped for tomorrow's Ricki Lake Show. In the new episode, airing at 11 a.m. on Fox 5, Mildred Muhammad, ex-wife of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, will reveal that her husband was a really bad guy.

You might have already realized that after he organized a killing spree around the Washington area, but there are some new details, including one about the time he abducted their children from her home. But the strangest thing Muhammad talks about, based on the three clips I've seen, is how people in her community blamed her for the Washington shootings. Under their logic, if she hadn't left Muhammad, he never would have gone on his rampage.

"If I would have stayed on the West Coast, then the people on the East Coast would still be alive," Muhammad recalls people telling her. "I need to repay law enforcement for every dime they spent to capture, try, and execute him."

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  • 20011

    You'd think the first thing she'd do is change (or at least not go by) her married name.

  • Malik Wali Muhammad

    Why should she have to change her name, or who she is? she did nothing wrong, nor her children to deserve what was done to them...that is what is wrong with this world, we blame the effect, but not the cause...she went through hell trying to save herself, and her children, and now giving her life to try to save other' you can tell a tree by the fruit it bares, you can tell man/woman by their works....Sister you do not owe anyone anything except "GOD".

  • Michael M.

    Muhammad is one of Allah's attributes and/or names. Muhammad means one who is praised much or one who is praiseworthy (I think that's one word). Sister Mildred earned that name and it was given to her in the Nation of Islam. Bro. John Allen Muhammad did not have a monopoly on the name Muhammad. :)

  • Adrienne McManus

    This is my mothers friend from childhood and that was her boyfriend turnied husband from their childhood. She is not a bad person. She only married a monster and if she know he was a monster she would not have married him