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Cab Commission Considering Emergency Fee, Uber Still Operating at Normal Rates

If you really, really have to go somewhere today and are stuck without Metro, some cabs should hypothetically still be running. And so far, they won't cost any more than usual.

As of earlier this morning, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission was deciding  whether the $15 flat rate for all trips during declared snow emergencies could be applied today, since it is an emergency, albeit one in which there won't be much snow.

The commission is consulting with its legal counsel on the charge, commission spokesman Neville Waters writes in an email.

As for the cabby rival Uber, its cars are on the streets so far as well, according to D.C. general manager Rachel Holt. The company could pull the vehicles if conditions get worse. Uber hasn't instituted emergency pricing either.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Kathleen Rand Reed

    It appears as thought the DCTC is not above price gouging and taking full advantage of a crisis situation. This is what Occupy Washington fought against -- the full brunt of capitalism and greed rather than being available for assisting in a crisis.