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Thrillist Declares Southeast D.C. “Dangerously Exotic”

Spooky scary

Apparently, Thrillist is not really fond of Washington's Southeast quadrant. In a piece today on Navy Yard's Kruba Thai and Sushi, the popular lifestyle newsletter declared a quarter of the city to be just so strange (emphasis added):

Kruba Thai's opening next week, and it's full of so much teak, you'll think you're in Southeast Asia before realizing you're in some place far more dangerously exotic: Southeast DC. It's also full of crispy basil duck and steamed rockfish, so prepare for your first-ever non-baseball trip down that way.

Dangerously exotic! "First-ever non-baseball trip!" Thrillist acts like no one actually lives in Southeast—or at least, no one who would subscribe to Thrillist, which might be the whole point.

Thrillist seems to be pointing to some exaggerated version of '90s-era Southeast that never actually described the area back then, and certainly doesn't now. Given that Southeast includes gentrified places like Barracks Row and the bars around the Eastern Market Metro stop, the idea that Thrillist readers don't go there doesn't even make sense. That area's practically the third stop on the Stations of the Thrillist Cross.

I hate to read too deeply into what's meant to be breezy advertorial copy, but it continues:

There aren't a ton of reasons to head to Southeast in the offseason....

And with this.

...when the crack is, alas, no longer of the bat.

I've contacted Thrillist for a comment, and I'll update if they get back to me.

Photo by Flickr user NCinDC used under a Creative Commons license.

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  • MM

    What is a "thrillist"?

  • LeelahJames

    Boys becoming men
    Men becoming wolves

    But seriously, this newsletter piece sounds like epic fear-mongering and race-baiting.

  • Lette Vintage

    Absolutely offensive. Who is deemed the authority on what is dangerously offensive? Historically examined, 'dangerous' and 'exotic' are two words primarily associated with the black race. Hmmm the thrillist might want to be careful, especially since their readership base is the urban crowd.

  • Lette Vintage


  • C2

    Park Tavern @ Riverfront Canal Park opening soon! Check it out!

  • ebgb

    Judging by the stock photo of the now demolished temporary Eastern Market building, one would think WCP ventures to SE DC just as infrequently as Thrillist.

  • spottieottie

    3rd and Water Streets SE? Dangerous? Exotic?! Come on.

  • Jane

    Please tell me you at least pointed out how insanely fucking offensive the "crack" comment is.

  • Da Puck

    I used to live in the Cloisters before white people moved in and brought baseball with them. Though you mention the muffin side of SE, I notice the hesitation in your selected word choice smacks of fear of Anacostia. FYI, barracks row is 2 blocks from a roughneck neighborhood where 10 year olds carry guns. Congratulations, you are wearing your "stupid" on the outside.

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  • sb

    There's already Thai in SE...even in the oh-so-scary portion east of the river (Thai Orchid).

  • af

    Damn, Thrillist. Writer needs to go on back to North Dakota, or wherever it is they're actually from.

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