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Are supporters of Uber more likely to vote for Michael Brown? Does working for the D.C. government make you a fan of the Corcoran moving? Mash up all sorts of stats in our Politics Issue's interactive chart. The issue, on the streets today, also has City Paper's endorsements and much more!


  • Enrollment up in D.C. schools. [Post]
  • Department of Corrections employees make a ton in back pay. [Examiner]
  • Virginia Rep. Jim Moran's son resigns from his campaign after being caught in a James O'Keefe sting. [Post]
  • Baby dies on Metro. [Examiner]


Photos of the Day: Smiley Face.

Brown in Trouble: At-large Councilmember Michael Brown went into this November's election considering a mayoral bid. Now, he's just percentage points ahead of a little-known challenger.

Guerrilla Flyering: A Metro passenger fed-up with changing repair schedules has started putting up parody signs around stations.

Real Estate Politics: A Republican takeover of the White House won't mean a turnover in real estate.

Presidential Eats: Washington restaurateurs say it isn't always easy to judge whether business improves after President Barack Obama visits.

Safety Dance: As VelocityDC, one of Washington's top dance festivals, expands, is it losing focus?

LOOSE LIPS, by Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman. (tips? )

  • City trying to use anti-SLAPP law to protect its CFO [Post]
  • Top health officials to talk Chartered Health takeover today. Prediction: Jeff Thompson won't be there [Examiner]
  • Early voting underway [Times]
  • Corrections officials get massive backpay [Examiner]
  • Young people moving to D.C., old people moving out [Post]
  • Trayon White pushes back against charges of absenteeism [Informer]

HOUSING COMPLEX, by Housing Complex columnist Aaron Wiener. (tips? )

  • The new neighbourhoods of Washington, D.C. [BBC Travel]
  • CNN building in NoMa sells for $106 million. [Post]
  • Assessing the redesign of the Union Station Main Hall. [GGW]
  • Yes, that's what we need in our cities: motion-activated shrooms. [Atlantic Cities]
  • Bikers to protest illegal Pennsylvania Ave. U-turns tomorrow. [Examiner]
  • AAA knocks new bike lane—but don't accuse them of calling it a "war on cars." [GGW]
  • Home sales nationwide hit 2.5-year high. [Reuters]
  • Want to improve your streetscape? Pee on it! [Atlantic Cities]
  • Today on the market: Tradition in Truxton

ARTS LINKS, by Caroline Jones (tips?

  • As if it wasn't already apparent, people REALLY want movies to be filmed in the city. A bill currently floating around the D.C. Council will collect funds from government contractors for the purpose of luring filmmakers here. [DCist]
  • Will Eastman of Volta Bureau curates the playlist for the latest episode of Dissonance. [Dissonance]
  • Have you voted yet? An Arlington woman has composed a song to make sure you remember. [WJLA]
  • It was only a matter of time: Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei does "Gangnam Style." Sit down to watch it because this is BIZARRE. [Post]

FOOD LINKS, by Jessica Sidman (tips?

  • Yes, it's October, and Christmas beer is already here. [Post]
  • Is Old Dominion Brewery opening a rooftop beer garden at Union Market? [PoP]
  • U.S. Marshals clear out Java Green. [Washingtonian]
  • The best tacos around [Eater]
  • Arlington is getting a brewery called CasaNova Brewing & Sound. [ARLnow]

Judging Bloody Marys [Bitches Who Brunch]

Rappers rap about wine. [NoVa Mag]

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  • ThomDC

    As per the film production financing legislation introduced by Vincent Orange as reported on DCist.

    The District has a 140M budget surplus, funding is not the issue, The problem is and has been Crystal Palmer (aka Mrs. Harold Brazil excuse spelling, he has been irrelevant for so long now I have forgotten and it isn't worth looking up).

    Palmer had the job has head of the Film and Television Production office for 20+ years. Unfortunately her vision does not go beyond junkets to Hollywood to swan about and collect swag bags. Her intelligence, character, and competence are somewhere far south of that. What Palmer has going for her is that she is part of the Lorraine Green coterie and so, in what was probably his worst in a litany of bad choices, Vince Gray reappointed her to her sinecure.

    Palmer's singular accomplishment since is to derail the progress made by the Fenty administration. Palmer has been a bad joke in Hollywood for a long time and so, of course, the immediate reaction of the film community was to cancel and withdraw production slated here and move back to Baltimore and Philly. The stakes are too high for them not to with production units bleeding money while Palmer still struggles unsuccessfully (after 20+ years of trying) with an efficient permitting process. To allow Palmer near financing would be a complete disaster.

    This isn't brain surgery and many jurisdictions have built model operations. This is not a giveaway either. Ideally jurisdictional financial assistance amounts to a kind of bridge loan to allow the project to go into production and thus spend the production budget in the local economy. The loan is repaid through the back end financing - which the production companies can't get until they are in post production. It is a win - win situation except in the ineot hands of a Crystal Palmer.

    I don't know how Vince Orange got cajoled into this but I will give him the benefit of the doubt in thinking he means well. Until Mayor Gray secures Palmer's resignation, however, it should be a non-starter

    Interestingly I don't think anyone else gave Palmer a job.