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The Needle: Dead Deer

Woodland Woes: The appearance of a dead deer in front of Cork Wine Bar on 14th Street NW yesterday is grim enough, but even worse is that fact it took the city hours to remove the corpse. -5

DeGrassi Star Polite: Rapper Drake pulled some funny faces at Howard's Yardfest, but at least he didn't justify his reputation for club-fighting while in the District. +1

Violent Virginia: Our neighbor to the south leads the rest of the country in machine-gun ownership. -3

Debate Delight: Saturday's at-large debate at Catholic University showed some real heat between leading independent candidates Michael Brown and David Grosso, as well as an extended pressing of shoo-in incumbent Vincent Orange on issues regarding his 2010 campaign and suspicious money orders. +3

Thursday's Needle rating: 60 Today's score: -4 Monday's Needle rating: 56

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  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry Will, that's a +3 on the machine gun article saying Virginia has the most machine gun owners in the USA. And I wouldn't call Virginia violent, since it has a lower crime rate overall than DC or Maryland.

  • Mikey

    Hmmmm....lots of rednecks with machine guns have gone on rampages, wait, sorry, that was mr rollo in the hood with a baseball bat/knife/illegally owned popgun.