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Sidwell Friends: Plagued with Young Political Bullies?

Washington Quaker school Sidwell Friends is so prestigious, even the Obama daughters go there. But is it also a breeding ground for the next generation of political bullies?

The evidence suggests yes! Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak's article today features a letter that was sent to parents of students in the Lower School of an unnamed, Washington-area Quaker school that sounds a lot like Sidwell Friends. (Ellis Turner, an associate head of the school, confirms that Sidwell sent the letter.)

Apparently, Sidwell's youth have a bad case of election fever (emphasis added):

A gentle reminder: As a Quaker school and as an inclusive community, I am reaching out to you, the adults, to talk to your child about respecting others’ views and seeing the Light in each classmate and colleague despite differences of opinion. We in Lower School have found our students at times judging one another harshly for each other’s political views or party preferences.

This is relevant, of course, in relation to many issues in school life, not just the election. Our children do mimic our adult behavior, and this is an excellent opportunity for each of us to express our views in a manner that is not insulting or demeaning of others.

"Or you could just label it: 'Stop Teasing the Republicans!'" Dvorak writes. Keep in mind, this was a problem not in the high school or the middle school, but in the elementary school. Those are some political fourth-graders!

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  • DC Guy

    Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. Why is this news?

  • Carrie

    Ripped from the plotlines of Homeland!

  • Typical DC BS

    Of course, Democratic families preach such great values, like faux superiority, don't they?

  • noodlez


    OBAMA-BIDEN 2012

  • seeseehpounder

    Hell yeah Noodlez! Calling out the damn skippys in all caps will learn 'em. I bet Noodlez went to an elementary school that only had short busses.

  • Typical DC BS

    Noodlez can come back at me anytime. I respect the "ALL CAPS MAN"!

    But I will return the favor when Romney/Ryan scam past Obumbler/Plugs in true Chicago Democratic fashion by stealing the election.