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Controversial Georgetown Party Filmer Returns for a New Semester

Georgetown students throwing parties could have an unexpected observer this fall. And he's bringing a camera.

It's Burleith resident and longtime neighborhood gadfly Stephen R. Brown, proprietor of the "Drunken" Georgetown Students blog and ardent anti-noise advocate.  (Disclosure: There was a time I could have been called a drunken Georgetown student). While Brown has been in and out of the news since 2010, when he published a spate of pictures of allegedly rowdy student parties and earned a story in the Post, he recently resurfaced with some new videos.

The videos, with titles like "We throw parties despite you!" and "Pigs in a Poke," feature footage, often shot over a fence, of Georgetown students partying. While they're not as incendiary as his productions from a few years ago, which were so controversial Brown had to blur out student faces, they've still reignited students' dislike for the vigilante party policeman. But Brown says they've got him all wrong.

"I guess students have nothing to do, so they have all of these fantasies about the site," he says. Brown says his beef is with one house in particular, although he's posted video from another house he thought was too loud, too.

Typically, students claim to administrators that they were just throwing dinner parties after Brown complains, so he uses the videos to prove them wrong. Too often, he says, interactions with Georgetown end with him getting written off as crazy.

"'He's just a fucking nut,'" he says, describing how the university's employee think about him. "Which I am."

Georgetown spokeswoman Stacy Kerr says Brown's a minority in the community, whose neighborhood associations recently came to terms with Georgetown over its campus plan. She also points to new nightlife amenities, like food trucks on weekends, meant to keep the drunken Georgetown students on-campus.

"[Brown's blog] really is not reflective of the spirit of partnership that we are engaged in with the neighbors," Kerr says.

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  • DrewCourt

    I feel really bad for this guy. How could he have known that there would be students in the area when he moved to Georgetown. The school was founded, what, two or three years ago?

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  • Rick

    College students are not some privileged class free to violate the law and common rules of civil behavior whenever the so desire. They live in a residential neighborhood and should act like it.

  • Rik O.

    Seriously? This is the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and all of the drinking is behind a high wooden fence. Does this guy videotape his neighbors mowing their lawns with gas mowers too?

  • eric

    That just might be the most pointless video on YouTube...which is really saying something. But, what it lacks in substance it makes up for with really crappy technique.

    That is, unless the shakiness of the composition was intended to convey his existential angst. In that case, we have an auteur in our presence and must celebrate his masterpiece. Burleith New Wave has arrived, folks! You can bet, though, that the inevitable film festival will be indoors.

  • Typical DC BS

    Hard to judge this video in context. Does this happen every Saturday and Sunday? It's during the middle of the day, so if it's just a one-off party, big deal. I could see it being a pain if it's late at night on a weeknight or after midnight, but it's hard to tell from the story.