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Eleanor Holmes Norton “Wadgate” Mystery Deepens

A spokesman for Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton—topical right now for tweeting that Mitt Romney "shot his wad" in last night's debate, then deleting it—has gotten back to me, but his answers only created a whole new set of questions.

First of all, no, Norton's congressional spokesman Scott McCrary doesn't know precisely what Norton meant when she said Romney "shot his wad." But he does have an explanation for why that tweet, and a slew of others, got the ax.

"They belonged on her campaign Twitter account," says McCrary. With Norton's permission, McCrary deleted the tweets this morning, because, he says, pro-Obama tweets didn't belong on an official congressional Twitter account, @eleanornorton.

But does that campaign Twitter account even exist? Norton's campaign website points to her "Congressional" account, and McCrary said he didn't know what the username for the campaign account was.

That explains the deletions, sort of, but what about the repeated misspelling of Barack Obama as "Oboma"? McCrary, alas, is ignorant of Norton's tweeting setup. "I don't know where she was last night," he says.

Norton herself explained her rowdy style on Twitter last night, blaming it on "cheering & tweeting at the same time." That explanation, though, was deleted about 30 minutes ago.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Typical DC BS

    Typical Congressional dimwit - doesn't even know the rules after how many years in "office"?

  • NE John

    Oh come on now. I am not a fan of Ms. Norton, but it is clear what she meant. He used up all his ammo in the first debate. He is clearly repeating the same mantra over and over. It is getting old and less effective. That is what she meant.

  • Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Congress

    For those of you who are not PACs or developers and did not get invited to Delegate Norton's Presidential Debate Happy Hour, the Politwoops blog covered it here

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  • Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Congress

    NE John you are both right. Norton has deleted a slew of tweets, that while partisan, full of misspelled words and names (maybe Georgetown University Law School is easier to get into than I thought!), and betraying the outdated views hat have wrecked our economy, are nothing unusual that one doesn't hear some fat 'Crat or DC flak spew everyday.

    So why the guilt and the furtive deletions?

    Some think she was under the influence while tweeting, and that is why she became so paranoid and deleted them.

    As a Libertarian, I support Delegate Norton's right to sit at home with a highball watching TV and tweeting inanities all she wants.

  • Bruce Majors

    It wasn't Delegate Norton's fault she drunk tweeted. Her campaign social media staffer told her she should have a Tumblr

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Everyone knows Eleanor is and has been a drunk for years

  • Bruce Majors

    I don't care what people say. Eleanor is hilarious in those new MoveOn Obama commercials.