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Chop’t Salad Held Bloody Bandage, Lawsuit Claims

When Woodridge resident Diane Kern ordered a grilled Asian salad from the Chop't restaurant on K Street NW last June, she was planning to eat some romaine lettuce and spinach, diced with Chop't's razor-sharp mezzaluna blade. Maybe some snow peas, too. She probably didn't expect to find a bloody Band-Aid in her meal.

But that's exactly what she discovered, and could have eaten, according to a lawsuit she filed against the chain last month. As she ate the salad, she discovered a tan object with "a slightly different appearance from the pita bread slices."

Kern put the mysterious, vinyl-like substance on a napkin, and continued with her salad. Later, she discovered that it was definitely not pita bread.

Instead, she alleges, it was a used Band-Aid-style bandage, complete with bloodstains. Stunned, Kern made an immediate appointment with her doctor, who said the adhesive bandage would likely not cause her health problems. But according to her lawsuit, Kern still suffered damages. She's suing the chain for emotional distress and negligence.

Neither Chop't or Kern's lawyer responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

Finger photo by Shutterstock.

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  • whatthewhat

    Ugh, I hate stuff like this. How much later did she discover that the object that didn't worry her at first was a bloodstained bandage? Did she immediately bring it to the restaurant's attention to see if they could make it right (a full refund seems sufficient)? What health consequences was she worried about- digestive complications from swallowing part of a bandage or blood-borne illnesses?
    Kern's reaction sounds over the top. However, if the bandage did come from a Chop't employee and not earlier in the supply chain, then they were negligent. If you are preparing food and have a bandage on your hand, you need to have a finger cot or glove over it.

  • Lydia Nichols Bailey

    I would have stopped eating it immediately, even a hair can destroy my appetite. That is emotionally distress.

  • SWMLuvah

    I agree with wtw. TOTAL overreaction. Besides, she CONTINUED EATING THE SALAD!!

  • Typical DC BS

    Wish I could show up and laugh at this idiot and her equally stupid attorney. And we wonder why it takes forever to get a court date for real problems?

  • NoChopt

    I have heard so many bad things about Chop't. Seriously everything from cockroaches to random bits of plastic and stuff. I would never eat there.