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New Post Redskins Reporter Couldn’t Write “Redskins” at Last Job

New Washington Post football writer Kent Babb, whose hire was announced in an internal memo today, will find himself covering unfamiliar territory in the Redskins. But unlike any other newly-arrived sports reporter, there's one more thing about the team Babb won't be used to—writing the team's name.

That's because Babb was working as a columnist for the Kansas City Star, which has banned the use of the Redskins' name in the paper because it's a racial slur. Instead, the paper just calls the team "Washington," mostly successfully.

No word from Babb about whether he agrees with his old employers about the team's name—his Post email address doesn't seem to be active yet—but what is clear is that if the Redskins management has something to hide, they should be worried. In Kansas City, Babb nailed down an exhaustive story on paranoia and spying inside the Kansas City Chiefs that left the Kansas City Pitch speculating that the team's management would pop champagnes when Babb left.

Remember: Washington City Paper is looking for a new name for the team, too. Vote for your favorite here.

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  • name

    Chiefs sound like an organization I would want to work for. I think lazy union type people wouldn't want to work there.

  • Logan K. Young

    Kent and I worked together years ago at The State -- South Carolina's largest daily. And I could not vet him any further. True, there's no pro team down there in Columbia, but given Spurrier (OBC) and the #3 Gamecocks, there might as well be, anyways. Mark Babb's words; he will be a most welcome addition here.