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Nationals Win Could Help Voting Rights

The Nationals had better improve their play after last night's dismal 12-4 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, because this series isn't about just getting further in the playoffs anymore. Now, the Nationals are playing for D.C. voting rights.

That's because Mayor Vince Gray has made a bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay over the series, which is currently tied at 1-1. If the Cardinals win, St. Louis' flag will fly over the John A. Wilson Building. But if the Nationals win, the District's flag, bedecked in with the "No Taxation Without Representation" slogan, will fly in St. Louis.

"We're thrilled to show the upstarts how to do it right," St. Louis' Slay says in a press release. "I look forward to our City’s flag flying proudly over the John A. Wilson Building when our boys wrap this thing up."

Unacceptable! What say you, Mayor Gray? And could you include some voting rights boilerplate in your trash talk?

"I look forward to the citizens of the City of St. Louis getting a lesson not only on the baseball diamond when the Nats take the series but also in the uniquely unjust situation in which the District’s 618,000-plus residents find ourselves," Gray says in the same statement.

Is there a big city tradition more enjoyable than a sports bet between mayors? A little more civic pride is at stake, the mayor comes off like a nice guy, and you can forget for a minute that your mayor is a power player surrounded by cronies, campaign donations, and—in our case—federal investigations.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Andy Mauer

    I believe it's "No Taxation Without Representation". I love that Mayor Gray chose that as the bet!

  • Will Sommer

    Thanks, Andy, fixed now. And I agree--nice way to get a little something for the city.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yeah, way to jinx our team Mayor Gray. Thanks.

  • A. Loikow

    The people of the District of Columbia want the same right to govern themselves that other Americans enjoy and the ONLY way to get that is statehood. "Voting rights," i.e. a vote for our nonvoting delegate in the House of Representatives, is an unconstitutional deadend that still leaves us in the same relationship to Congress as the 13 colonies had to the British Parliament. We want freedom and self-government period. D.C. residents have served in the U.S. military and fought for the right of other Americans for over two centuries. It is time that other Americans demand that THEIR Congressional delegations vote to admit the State of New Columbia to the union and re-enfranchise their colonial subjects, the people of the District of Columbia.