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How Was Your Douglas Jefferson Day?

Did anyone do this on Saturday, or was made-up holiday Douglas Jefferson Day too whimsical even for Washington? A reminder of the rules:

  1. Douglas Jefferson Day must be celebrated in a Public House of the District of Columbia, in the company of good friends
  2. A gift must be given to a friend. One must not have exchanged money for the gift, and it must be "no larger than a baker’s loaf."
  3. In the spirit of Douglas Jefferson Day, you must buy a drink for a stranger.

I didn't see much talk about it online, but maybe the best DJD parties went off the grid, to avoid the cops. Ardent Douglas Jefferson fans, take it to the comments.

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  • Dan

    Celebrated German-style at the Biergarten Haus.

    The waitress and the stranger were both very confused.

    I received a lemon wedge as a gift.

    Overall, I'd say it was a success.

  • Ben

    I refilled a stranger's cup from my pitcher. He seemed confused, and then excited. I gave a packet of seeds as a gift. Looking forward to next year.