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South Adams Morgan Is “SoMo,” Apparently

Pity the businesses at Adams Morgan's southern end, built around the maddening Florida Avenue-U Street-18th Street intersection, far from Metro, and just a little too far from the rest of the area's nightlife. While the individual businesses in the sub-neighborhood can be good, put together they just aren't as fun as the rest of Adams Morgan.

But that's all about to change. No doubt inspired by Washingtonians' grudging acceptance of SoHo style nicknames, Adams Morgan Main Street has redubbed south Adams Morgan "SoMo." Pretty hip, or so the planners must think.

The Examiner's Liz Farmer has taken the SoMo spirit and run with it, declaring the neighborhood above Bloomingdale "NoFlo" (North of the Flooding). But it's hard to see SoMo catching on—it's already part of a named neighborhood, and the area doesn't seem big enough to have its own.

But who knows, "NoMa" sounded even worse, and now it's a Metro station. Let's remake the city, two syllables at a time. Put your neighborhood suggestions in the comments. And after the jump, the full list of businesses that allegedly make up this cursed area.

DeVinos, Dahlak, El Tamarindo, Locolat, Morton Fine Art, Stussy, And Beige, Urban Escape, Kalorama Cleaners, Pleasant Pops, Eddie’s Hair Creations, FurGetMeNot, Planet Pet, Jack Rose, The Blaguard, Absolute Pizza, L’Enfant Café, Duplex Diner, Wise Owl Club.

Photo by Elvert Barnes used under a Creative Commons license.

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  • Matt Cohen

    Petworth = PeWo. As in "Yo bro, I just hopped from SoMo to PeWo, YOLO!"

  • Dave

    I know some people already use the term CoHi to describe Columbia Heights, which makes a certain amount of sense in terms of brevity. But have you ever noticed how CoHi is a really huge neighborhood? It runs all the way from Spring Rd down to Florida Ave, and frankly, the areas south of the metro station have a very different feel than the areas to the north. It should probably be subdivided into NoCoHi and SoCoHi.

  • Kyle

    We should probably subdivide further -- north Columbia Heights east of 13th street has a very, very different feel than west of it. Think Meridian Pint and Red Rocks vs Target and the froyo place. NoEaCoHi and NoWeCoHi work pretty well. Plus you've got a rather bright line along Otis Place that distinguishes it from Southwestworth.

  • Monkeyrotica

    What's wrong with "SAdMo?" Its got just the right emo frisson.

  • Bebop

    I. Fucking. Love. "SAdMo." !.

  • kob

    I live in WoMo, the part of NoMo (North Adams Morgan), that's closest to Woodley Park.

    Santa lives in HoHo.

  • Oz

    I'm in VA. They're trying to rename Tysons Corner to just Tysons. Why not TyCo?

  • Red

    How could a full list of businesses not include Virginia Market, which has sells great craft beers, wine and scotch?

    Also, don't forget about Ace Cash Express for all of your pay-day-loan needs.

  • ray

    SadMo is perfect.

  • Jon

    Silver Spring = SiSp?

    oh well. & for the record...."SoMo" died when the common share closed down

  • dan

    TenTow for tenleytown. It's vaguely podiatric.

  • Alf

    East of Dupont will be named HoMo.

  • Carrie

    Oh my.... I live in WaFro (waterfront)

  • Jane

    How could you forget about Dan's Cafe?!

    I fucking hate the whole trend but would approve of Brookland becoming BroLa. And I'd love to see people convinced they're on the cutting edge of cool with "DuCi".

  • Chris

    When you're east of 11th, west of Georgia ave, and north of Monroe St, you're not in Petworth, and not in Columbia Heights... You are chllin'in PetCo.

  • SW

    Agree with SAdMo.

  • Alf

    If we have SAdMo, let's rename the U Street area Sachmo.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    You guys are so funny with your comments and especially Alf with the HoMo remarka about DuPont Circle. Many gays have moved out of Dupont and moved to Petworth, Logan, and Brightwood. I am a native Washingtonian and I will always call Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Petworth by their entire names. hehe

  • Susan Bodiker

    @Alf: Love SachMo.
    @ Daddy Grace: Agreed.

    That said, here are two more: ClePa (Cleveland Park) and MacG (McLean Gardens).

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich


  • Andrew


    Give me a fucking break about these stupid invented neighborhood names.

  • Dave

    Everyone knows this neighborhood is already called WUSAMND
    pronounced woo-sam-indy for "Western U St, Southern Adams Morgan, Northern Dupont"

    To unilaterally declare that the territory belongs to Adams Morgan when it (A) sits on U Street and (B)is directly across the street from the Dupont Circle neighborhood amounts to an unjust taking. This is clearly the actions of outsiders as true AdamsMoranites like to share.

  • Bob

    Area between Logan Circle and Thomas Circle = LoTom.