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D.C. Police Tweet Surveillance Picture of Protesters, Then Delete It

The Metropolitan Police Department is keeping a close eye on a small group of Freedom Plaza protesters. So close, in fact, that they decided to let the rest of us in on their surveillance by tweeting the above picture, presumably from a security camera, this afternoon.

"Update: A camera view of the protestors (in blue) at Freedom Plaza, NW," the department's official Twitter account tweeted along with the picture and helpful blue circle around protesters. But the tweet, first noticed by the Post's Tim Craig, was quickly deleted.

"There's several people who have access [to the Twitter account]," said MPD spokesman Officer Hugh Carew when I asked why the creepy picture was deleted. Carew's looking into it, and I'll update with more information on the picture's disappearance (and why it was posted in the first place).

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  • Mister Goat

    They've had a number of tweets this week with locations of protesters, often accompanied by admonitions to "AVOID AREA." It goes way beyond warnings of possible traffic tie-ups; one tweet on Monday warned that protesters were sitting by a statue.

    Is it really the MPD's job to track first amendment activity and warn people away from it?

  • Matt

    Oh my gosh, SITTING by a STATUE? When will the madness from these dangerous anarchists end??!

    Thank you MPD for keeping a close and watchful eye on this DEVIANT behavior!

    What's next? Soon they'll be speaking in low voices or maybe even reading or drinking a cup of coffee! *shudder*

  • Jay

    They should tweet then tear gas the whole group.

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  • DC Antics

    Pitiful MPD.