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Dulles Passenger Handing Out Vodka in Security Line Not Arrested

Here's one way to liven up Dulles Airport. When a woman in the security line yesterday found out that she couldn't take a bottle of vodka through the checkpoint, she did the next best thing—started drinking it and offering shots to her fellow passengers, according to a Facebook picture. Funny, or sad?

Either way, the woman's tale has since gone viral, topping Reddit and appearing on Gawker. But according to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokesman Rob Yingling, despite all her antics, the woman wasn't arrested.

"I have no recent record of any arrests fitting what appears in the photo," writes Yingling in an email. Since there was no record of an arrest, details about whether the hard-partying passenger got through security or made her flight remain a mystery.

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    Rob Yingling approves of drinking? FREDTERP

  • Typical DC BS

    Finally, someone having fun in the security line at the airport after enduring TSA idiocy.