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[Insert Dying Newspaper Joke]

Sometimes, the Washington Post makes it too easy. Today, the paper announced that it's buying a majority stake in a hospice business, presumably so it will have someplace to retire to:

In his statement, [Don] Graham said, “We are a diverse group of businesses sharing common goals and values but each with its own identity and workplace culture, and with management responsible for its operations.”

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  • Jeffrey Young

    I don't think "retire" is the word you're looking for here...

  • Disgusted

    I wonder if they'll run it like they ran Kaplan: Shoddy, overpriced, misrepresented programs sold to unsophisticated clients who paid with federally guaranteed student loans. I note from the story that "Celtic Healthcare relies substantially on funds from Medicare." This looks like another way for Post stockholders -- of whom Donald Graham is the biggest -- to stuff themselves at the government trough.

  • Susan Bodiker

    How does a hospice fit in with WaPo's stated mission as a media and education company? What are the "goals and values" the Post, Kaplan and Celtic share? How does Graham make that statement with a straight face. SMH.