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Relive the D.C. Drone Crash With Video

D.C. unmanned flight hobbyist Adam Eidinger won't be flying around the District anymore, but now you can check out the Adams Morgans Day flight that crashed his drone via video recovered from the drone's crash.
The motion sickness-inducing descent begins around 1:50, which is also when Eidinger starts laying into military drones. A world turned upside [...]

Photos: Baseball

Breastfeeding AU Professor Hits Talk-Show Circuit

In case you crave more news about breastfeeding American University professor and "militant medical anthropologist" Adrienne Pine, FishbowlDC notices that she's appearing tomorrow on Katie Couric's talk show. From the description of the episode, which also features Sofia Vergara:
Plus, is breastfeeding OK in class? American University professor and single mother Adrienne Pine joins Katie to [...]

District Line Daily: Trampoline Terror

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Good morning, readers. New entry today on the list of things that can kill you: [...]

Photo: Waiting for Madge

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The Needle: Appleseed Aghast

Bad Apples: Three Ballou High School students fell ill today after eating apples from a teacher. Several other students had to be evaluated by the fire department. -4
Better Call Sol: Star outfielder Bryce Harper is blaming dropped flyballs on a "sun monster." But this isn't the set up for a Doctor Who episode, rather, it's [...]

Uber Makes Gains on Sedan Regulations, While Competitor Hailo Plays Nice

After today's Council hearing on cab and sedan regulations, it seems like Uber and the D.C. Council might finally stop fighting. That's good news for Uber, because incoming competitor Hailo is more than happy to work with the Council if Uber won't.
"We are committed to working with the City Council, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission, [...]

Man Reunited With Drone, Remains Concerned About Drones

Ex-Capitol Hemp co-owner Adam Eidinger has recovered the hobby drone he lost over Adams Morgan last month. And while Eidinger says the drone can probably only be used for spare parts now, he still plans to fly drones—just not in the District.
Eidinger was trying to use the drone to shoot video of the Adams Morgan [...]

Gwar Singer Doesn’t Mince Words on Baby Panda’s “Life of Slavery”

By now, almost every angle on the baby panda's death yesterday has been covered. Here's how to feel sad about it, and here's how to explain it your kids. But one question remains: What does Oderus Urungus, "intergalactic humanoid barbarian" and lead singer of gorey metal band Gwar, think of this?
Not very much, apparently.


Washington Now The Capitol from The Hunger Games

Why does the rest of America think Washingtonians want to force their most photogenic teens to compete in mortal combat? From yesterday's Ross Douthat column in the New York Times:
After all, like the ruthless Capital (sic) in 'The Hunger Games,' the wealth of Washington is ultimately extracted from taxpayers more than it is earned. And [...]

The Four People You Meet at an Aryan Nations Protest

White-supremacist protesters from the group Aryan Nations marched on Congress Saturday. Fortunately, they were only part of the news. There were four different types of people you could meet at the protest:
Aryan Nations Supporters: Well, not so much meet as watch from 30 feet behind police fences. From their starting point at Lincoln Park to [...]

Cause of Baby Panda’s Death Still Unknown

The National Zoo still doesn't know why a 6-day-old panda cub died at the zoo yesterday, officials said at a press conference this morning.
While the panda, who was determined during the necropsy to be female, had extra fluid in its body and an abnormal liver, it's not clear yet whether either issue was responsible for [...]

Photos: Aryan Nations March

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No Plan Yet for Future Cubs After Baby Panda’s Death

The National Zoo won't release pictures of the panda cub that died this morning, but according to chief veterinarian Suzan Kelly, the panda looked healthy.
"The cub looked just fabulous," Murray said at a press conference this afternoon with Dennis Kelly, the zoo's director. Murray and Kelly kept returning to two themes: how beautiful the panda [...]

National Zoo: Baby Panda Died This Morning

Update, 2:34 p.m: Zoo officials have provided more information about the panda's death, including when it made its last noises and the future of the panda program at the zoo.

The panda cub born last week at the National Zoo died this morning at less than seven days old, according to a press release from the [...]