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Local CW Station Dabbles in BDSM Lifestyle

Appropriate? I don't think I need to think about Angus T. Jones like that.

D.C. Won’t Vandalize My Ads, Says Woman Whose Ads Keep Getting Vandalized

New York's transit system is facing a vandalism miniepidemic over some Islamophobic ads. The ads have been plastered with "racist" stickers, and writer Mona Eltahawy was arrested Tuesday for spray-painting them.
When the ads come to D.C.—and they probably will, despite opposition from Metro—will the city see a similar wave of vandalism?
No way, emails blogger and [...]

District Line Daily: Natitude

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Pick up a dead-tree City Paper today and nourish your mind with this week's cover: [...]

Photo: Zombie

700 Block 7th Street, NW.  Sept. 21st.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Porky Protester

Populist Hog: Activists, concerned that the costs of potential underground Pepco lines would land on the poor, protested a Council hearing today—with the help of an inflatable pig. +4
Let's Eat: Well-regarded Virginia chef John Shields could be headed to the District. I'm not sure how good this news is, but Eater seems excited. +1

The Presidents’ Race’s Next President: The Top Candidates

"Washington Whispers" reporter Elizabeth Flock (yep, that Elizabeth Flock) is reporting that fake Teddy Roosevelt could finally, at last, win a president's race in the Nationals' last regular season game.
The sourcing on Teddy's win seems a little, well, whispery, which makes the big news here Flock's other revelation: The Nats could be getting a [...]

Video: Marion Barry Helps Out a Demolition Crew

From the Examiner comes video of Marion Barry using a backhoe to help knock down a building on the future site of the Skyland Town Center development in Ward 7. Check out the arc at 0:18, in which Barry uses gravity to bring the shovel down even harder. That's natural talent.
Mayor Vince Gray also took [...]

Man Rents Out iPhone 5 Cable in Exchange for Money, Coffee

This month's iPhone 5 release created a problem: Cords for the phone, which are different from previous Apple connection cables, are in short supply.
One poster on D.C.'s Craigslist sees a business opportunity therein: renting his cord to office workers who forgot theirs at home, in exchange for $15 an hour and coffee.
The unemployed poster got [...]

Atlantic Curses Politico Hipsters to Eternal Unhipness

This Atlantic Wire article on why D.C. will never be the hippest city of them all is infuriating, but not because it insults the city's collective street credibility. After all, the Forbes "politico hipster" blurb that kicked this off was largely treated like a joke, at least until some people didn't get it.
Instead, writer Rebecca [...]

District Line Daily: Attila the City Administrator

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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You may have a tough meeting ahead today, but hopefully it isn't being led by [...]

Photo: Couple Dancing

900 Block Pennsylvania Ave, NW.  Sept. 23rd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Council Strikes Out

Salsa Celebration: Tex-Mex chain Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is expanding to Penn Quarter. Normally this would be just a blip in fast casual dining's growing market dominance, but Lime has a delicious complimentary salsa bar, and that makes all the difference. +3
Take Jim Graham Out to the Ballgame: The D.C. Council's free tickets deal for [...]

Dueling Post Writers Trade Pinocchios, Explore Nature of Truth

Somebody lock down the Pinocchios, because they're flying all over the Washington Post, as Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler and Post opinion writer (and torture enthusiast!) Marc Thiessen debate who is the most Pinocchio.
Handing out Pinocchios on an ascending scale is Kessler's way of pointing out lying garbage people—without actually taking a stand and calling [...]

Uber Discounts Trips for D.C. Apartment Hunters

Uber! So unlikable, but at the same time, so clever in its promotional schemes. Techcrunch reports that Uber has partnered with real estate website Trulia to offer Washington-area apartment hunters discounted fares this weekend.
In the deal, apartment hunters can score 25 percent off of three Uber trips as they shuttle from terrifying group-home interview to [...]

Trinidad Puppy-Killer Admits to Crime

Sean Delontay Branch, the 24-year-old accused of murdering a puppy in Trinidad in June by dropping a brick on its head—an incident that exposed D.C.'s sensationalism deficit—pleaded guilty Monday to the crime. NBC 4 reports:
The morning of June 29, a puppy named King Tut was left sleeping behind a convenience store on Mt. Olivet Road [...]