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The Needle: Hoya Sexy

Mmm, Donuts: The restaurateurs behind Birch & Barley are planning to open a fried chicken and donuts restaurant. +1

Bulldogs or Horndogs?: Is there any way to say that I'm suspicious that my alma mater, Georgetown, deserves this top sexy college title, without sounding like I just missed the party? No? +3

Police/Traffic Chase: What does everybody think of Buzzfeed's decision to run the Fox News suicide video (explicit)? I'm in favor—since when is media in the business of making information harder to access? +2

Standing Up for the Nats: The Nationals will be offering $30 standing room only tickets for all of the team's playoff games. Hopeful fans with strong legs can buy the tickets the day of each game. +1

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  • Typical DC BS

    Glad Buzzfeed showed the loser carjacker shooting himself in the head. I'm sure he was a loser criminal who'd already committed far more crimes than we'll ever know about. Glad there's one less predator out there.