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D.C. Won’t Vandalize My Ads, Says Woman Whose Ads Keep Getting Vandalized

New York's transit system is facing a vandalism miniepidemic over some Islamophobic ads. The ads have been plastered with "racist" stickers, and writer Mona Eltahawy was arrested Tuesday for spray-painting them.

When the ads come to D.C.—and they probably will, despite opposition from Metro—will the city see a similar wave of vandalism?

No way, emails blogger and ad proponent Pamela Geller, last seen on City Desk opposing a National Geographic exhibit. Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative group bought the ads to run on Metro, but the ad agency her group bought the ads through is holding them because of the riots in the Muslim world. Now she's suing.

It's not hard to imagine a Washingtonian with a Sharpie and a sense of decency tagging Geller's ads, which read:

In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage. Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.

According to Geller, her Washington ads won't be defaced because D.C. is not home to the "small group of anti-freedom fascists" she blames for the New York vandalism.

Photo by Pamela Geller used under a Creative Commons license

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  • Bossi

    Last time I heard about civilised & savage men it was only the savages and the alphas who knew and appreciated freedom. And only the savages weren't dependent on mood-suppressing drugs.

  • Dan

    You better believe I will be defacing the hell out of that racist shit.

  • B-DC

    I'm with ya Dan!!

  • drez

    Does her pendant really say "Love"?
    Irony isn't dead, it just needs Sarah Michelle Geller to kick her butt.

  • Lobby Rat

    Who or what is this person? The bad hair weaves, the cheap make up, the puffy skin, the botox alkie, drag queen, just palin "hater", what?....please advise.

    And no we don't need this bs in Metro. I'd bet this beatch has never experienced combat except trying to get to the rest room when the check arrives at the table. Dumb Broad!

  • Gui Hawd

    Is this that circus witch whose family disowned her? Didn't she end up in New York when she got run out of town?

  • IMGoph


  • Peter Rosenstein

    "In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage. Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad."

    Is Geller giving a challange to DC to deface her outrageous ads.I am sure there will be people taking her up on it. Free speech is fine- speech like this spewing hatred may be legal here but isn't fine. It is sad that people like Geller with apparent hatred in their hearts can abuse the free speech we have here in America for their own unclear purposes. No good Jew should fail to speak out against the hatred this ad represents. I would remind Geller of the statement to love thy neighbor as thy would thyself. With such hatred in her heart I hope she doesn't expect anyone to love her no less respect her and clearly she has no love for herself. She is a sad human being to say the least.

  • Typical DC BS

    Ah yes, the DC communists have spoken. We don't like this ad, so we're going to make sure we stamp our little feet and deface public property. What next, fire bombs at the Israeli Embassy, losers? There is no such thing as "hate speech", politically correct morons.

    The answer to FREE SPEECH you don't like is MORE SPEECH, not vandalism, idiots. Buy your own ads if you don't like the ones this woman put up money for. President Obama hit it right on the money in his UN address - the answer to speech or ideas you don't like or believe in is NOT violence or law-breaking.

    Guess what, you live in the USA, not some tin pot Arab country where speaking out or "blaspheming" against Allah or Muhammad can get you executed.

    Grow up.

  • Frank Lee Mahdear

    I do believe that editing the hate ads with my Sharpie would indeed be "more speech," just as you prescribe, Señor BS. In fact, there might be a lot "more speech" if there's sufficient available white space.

  • fuck racism
  • Noticed

    Typical DC bs, you are a douche.

  • tommo

    Wow, that photo was provided by the subject of the article? I recall reading how Repiglickin's brag how she is one of the only fairly good-looking women on the right. I don't see it. I think she looks dreadful. Or is it just me? Did the Repiglickin's raise my expectations to an unrealistic high?

  • kuta

    "You better believe I will be defacing the hell out of that racist shit."

    Dan, how is the ad racist? What race is jihad?

    And it appears the only attack folks can come up with against the ads is that the person who created and funded them is not attractive.

    Excellent way to win an argument!

  • Freethep4

    @Typical DC BS, I can tell you are a Zionist supporter. Do you honestly believe a hateful ad about Jews or Judaism would be allowed? It wouldn't, or any other group probably. But if it’s Islam then go right ahead, its free speech.

    The point is there is still money to be made in spreading Islamophobia, as well as political reasons like justifying more war in the Middle East.

    If Pamela Geller has a right to put her adds up, then we also have the right to tear them down. If I come across one it will be defaced. Her and her supporters know nothing about Islam, I could make her look like a fool in a debate.