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Breastfeeding AU Professor Hits Talk-Show Circuit

In case you crave more news about breastfeeding American University professor and "militant medical anthropologist" Adrienne Pine, FishbowlDC notices that she's appearing tomorrow on Katie Couric's talk show. From the description of the episode, which also features Sofia Vergara:

Plus, is breastfeeding OK in class? American University professor and single mother Adrienne Pine joins Katie to discuss the controversy she accidentally created recently when she fed her sick toddler while teaching.

Modern Family and a long-settled controversy: Let's make an afternoon of it. Wednesday, 4 p.m., channel 7.

Breastfeeding picture by Shutterstock

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  • thatshitcray

    Accidentally create my ass.

  • Scotch

    Will do wonders for her academic career.