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Washington Now The Capitol from The Hunger Games

Why does the rest of America think Washingtonians want to force their most photogenic teens to compete in mortal combat? From yesterday's Ross Douthat column in the New York Times:

After all, like the ruthless Capital (sic) in 'The Hunger Games,' the wealth of Washington is ultimately extracted from taxpayers more than it is earned. And over the last five years especially, D.C.'s gains have coincided with the country's losses.

This just a month after the TimesDavid Leonhardt said the same:

As most of the country continues to struggle through an agonizingly slow recovery, Washington uncomfortably calls to mind the rapacious Capitol in Suzanne Collins’s “Hunger Games” series.

Could this actually be good news? The Hunger Games trilogy probably doesn't end well for the Capitol's hedonistic residents (no spoilers here!), though in the movie, Elizabeth Banks and Drunk Woody Harrelson seemed to be having a good enough time.

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  • Typical DC BS

    Even the few clear-thinking idividuals at the NY Times can see what's happened to our country over the past few years. For writers at that bastion of unbiased reporting (snort) to realize this must mean end-times are near.

  • Adam

    Anyone who actually read the book would know the Capitol is on the West Coast, not East!